Bite’s Amuse Bouche Lipstick: Squid Ink

So now I’m reviewing on Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick: Squid Ink. It’s one of their brand new shades and i like it actually. I wore it yesterday and this is what it looked like: 

It’s a dark navy blue-black color, more whimsy goth color, that’s quite different from the usual black or dark purple shade I’ve come across with. It is of course a matte finish. I had to use a lip brush to apply it though since its kind of hard to take it off since its black-bluish. Talk about total makeup redo. So applied it on, its like a regular lipstick, smudges but it has that moisture-y feeling to it that I like. My lips weren’t getting crusty or chapping so that was a plus! I was never really into the dark goth make up look so I just made my eyes more defined and used more blush so I’d still have color on my cheeks. 

So there you have it 😁 

Click on the hyperlink to check the lipstick out ❤️


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