Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip: Tulle


Been a fan now of Colourpop. And now I’m wearing their Ultra Matte Lip Color – Tulle. And I am to say I love it! Its a dark wine berry color with a matte finish. The trick to making this last and not crust or chip is to make sure your lips are dry, if you have to condition your lips first then do so but make sure there wont be any trace of balm on your lips when you apply this. Or else you get the icky gloppy feeling on your lips. I used a lipliner with this one first though, Nyx slim pencil peekaboo neutral lip liner

It shades lighter than the lip color but when you go over it it makes your lips fuller. I used it for the night and its been 8 hours I haven’t reapplied yet. Cool beans! So anyway, this is a must-have for me. Perfect shade for everyday morning or night! More reviews to come though. Click on the links to order yours now. Til next time! 👄


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