Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip: Littlestitious 

Hello everyone! It’s me again.. And for today I’ll be reviewing on Colourpop’s Ultra Matte Lip Littlestitious.

 There’s been a lot of craze going on with regards to the nude shades of lip colors, like the Kylie Lip Kits which either you’re super lucky to even purchase one or its sold out. I’m not going to compare that to this one but I’m just making a reference on those kinds of shades. Going back.. I used Littlestitious today and here’s how it looked like on me…

It’s on the borderline nude shade with a light touch of dusty pink. Of course, matte finish. I had to use my  Nyx Slim Peekaboo Neutral Lipliner (starting to be one of my fave lipliners) first then applied Littlestitious on. I did a little contour on my face, put on some slight pink blush and bronzer, some sparkly eyeshadow on my eyes and then ta-daa! All done! I like how this color makes your lips and face look sweeter, doll-like with the right complimenting make up. I had to reapply it maybe 3 times already since I had to eat and been drinking water so it does come off a bit. But nevertheless, very chic color! I recommend for you guys to get one, it’s really pretty. I know that’s a lame comment on it but it is. Haha. I took a much closer picture of my lips with it with better lighting. So there you go. Click on the hyperlinks above for the products i mentioned. Til next time! Ciao! 


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