Too faced Melted Chocolate Liquified Lipstick: Metallic Candybar

Hello there amazing people! It’s me again with another review for you guys. Today it’ll be on Too faced Melted Chocolate Metallic Candybar Liquified Lipstick.

When I was looking for a metallic finish lipstick for me, I came across this one, Too Faced has the chocolate bar collection where this one goes with. I picked this color out since it was a more darker brown than the others, I swatched it on my hand and thought hmm this could work. (If you’re wondering why the photo below doesnt look like I was at a store or anything it’s because this shot I just took at home Haha)

Didn’t try it on since I dont like to use testers on my lips, It’s not because I’m fussy about those things, If you’ve checked out my About page, I mentioned l’m a Nurse, so I know how contact transfers are. Just saying that we may never know what the person before us has. It’s just being careful. Especially nowadays. So anyway, I got one. Tried it on tonight and here’s what it looked like..

I tried it on with different lightings, and I hate to say it but, It didn’t really show too much “metallic” as it says it should, it’s a milk chocolate-y brown if I described it correctly. It acted like Lipgloss and the only way to see the glittery effect is if you put on a lot, for a little tube that shouldn’t be. I like it still for over another lipstick maybe, oh and the upside is that I looooove the smell…Chocolates. Yep. I wished it tasted like it too. Haha or I would have just squeezed the whole tube in my mouth. But I did try putting on a lot more than what maybe should since I wanted to see the effect and color but it doesn’t dry, so it kind of felt thick on my lips. Smudges off of course. I mean it would look good on top of another lipstick maybe. Not dismayed. Still okay for me but not for a full on color for the lips if that’s what you’re aiming for. So there goes my review on this product. Feel free to click on the hyperlink up there to get yours too. Till next time! 😘


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