Skincare101: Limu Facial Cleanser

Hey there everyone! It’s me again. Today I’m going to be reviewing on something different. I know how I said I review on makeup products, and that there will be one of those days you get a random review on other topics? Well today is one of them. Don’t worry, I’ll still be reviewing on my lippies today too. I just wanted to share this one rare product that would hopefully get enough attention and help some of you guys out with some skin problems.
I believe that everyone should have a good facial cleanser no matter what. It’s good to keep your face clean especially with all the pollutants, dirt, bacteria we tackle with everyday when we’re outside or even inside our house. I have combination skin, meaning my skin can get both dry and oily at the same time even. I have acne problems too and I make sure to get treated for it. I go for facials, try to eat right, and most important is to hydrate. Before, I may have probably used almost every brand of cleanser for my face, few would dry my face out, others didn’t really do anything, others irritated my skin, some even sting really bad and I couldn’t seem to find the right one. Oh and I do have sensitive skin too, just so you know. So what is a girl to do right? Well a good friend of mine brought me to this amazing Esthetician who does my facials and got me going on some of the products she uses on me. And these passed weeks I’ve used this one..It’s called LIMU FACIAL CLEANSER. And I will say, this was by far the best one I’ve used on my face. It’s non-foaming, it feels like putting on lotion and water on your face, but that’s  the point to it. It actually uses aloe vera gel and algae extract that helps with the skins flexibility, ergo the non-foaming result. There’s this Sucrose Cocoate that is an all-natural hydrophillic emollient that  cleanses the skin gently. I can feel it hydrate my skin too. Isn’t it awesome?

It is not dense. Very light, and has this cooling effect too after you wash your face. It removes left over make up too. Perfect for sensitive skin thats why I like using it, doesnt sting on my face.

I still have my skin problems of course, especially now that doing my reviews I have to use the products on my face as well but I’ve seen some good results like my breakouts aren’t that much anymore and I haven’t gotten the big ones actually. I haven’t seen much like these out there thats why I wanted to share it so that other people can try this as well. I got mine from, as i mentioned, from my esthetician, but they have a site which unfortunately, is still underconstruction, but but but! They do have an email and contact number for you guys to contact if you want to order.

Phone: +1 7273891635


Feel free to call or e-mail them to get yours to try. It’s also perfect for after facial treatments, like chemical peels, microdermabrasions, etc.

So there you go! I hope this will be a good thing to try for you guys out there. Till next time! Ciao! 😘


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