Hey guys! I’m back! Today I’ll be reviewing on 2 products. First is the Make Up Forever Aqua Lipliner 8c. I like this lipliner because it feels creamy on the lips and is easy to apply. It’s supposed to be waterproof, and the whole day I used it, it didn’t smudge off. I love the intense color as well, and goes with most of the other red shaded lipsticks I have. 

Next one is Lipstick Queen’s Eden 

 Its a juicy semi-sheer bright red color. Just like the apple from the garden of Eden. Haha. I guess that’s where they got that from. It has some shimmer to it too. 

 This is how it looked on me..

 Bright red! The liner blended with the lipstick really well.

The thing I like is that it moosturizes. My lips weren’t getting dry. Smudges of course but hell, re-apply if I have to. I love the color. Looks good on any skin color. 

So there you have it! I hope you enjoyed my reviews. Click on the hyperlinks to order yours! Till next time! 😘


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