My “All About The Eyes” Haul 

Hey there everyone! I’m back.. And with much more exciting reviews and a mini tutorial on my All about the eyes haul. I’ll give a step by step on how to get that look 👆🏻 up there with the products I’ll be reviewing about. So let’s get started..
The first thing I want to review and start with is also the first thing I do after I put on my primer, foundation and concealer, I have to do my eyebrows first. I have weird shaped brows. So I have to constantly trim, wax, shape and shade my eyebrows since it’s not the ideal shaped brows and it sometimes gets fuzzy too. So of course, I make sure I plucked any stray hairs, take note that I don’t do that then put make up on because it’s considered open pores when you pluck and we don’t want any make up and bacteria to build up in there, so I did it the night before. Second, I brush my brow hairs upward with a spoolie and just slightly trim off the hairs that are too long. After that, everything is in place. Here’s where my review begins..

I use my fave, Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz: Soft Brown to line the top and bottom parts of my brows and slowly filling it in. Making sure I fill the tail part of my brows where my problem usually is, barely any hairs.

I love how the crayon tip is very soft, and very pigmented when you apply it so you don’t really need to go back and forth to fill in the gaps. After that, I use the other end of the Brow Wiz which is a spoolie and brush it upward and into shape.

Next is Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel to hold the hairs in place..

This Brow gel is the best of its kind. It comes in different shades for different colored brows but I chose to get the clear one so it’ll be more universal if ever I decide to change my hair color and color my brows too. With this you don’t need to get another color. It’s very light, I just brush it over my brows in the direction my brow hairs can stay put. And they do, yay!

Next thing I do is place highlighting powder/shadow on just below my eyebrows.. I tried to get a much lighter picture so you could see it but it wouldn’t show so bear with me. I used a flat liner brush and just follow the shape of your brow.

For my highlighting shadow and eye colors I used Ulta Hello Beautiful Deluxe Palette. Okay so here’s the thing, this was actually a free item when I purchased a minimum amount at Ulta. This palette has 28 eyeshadow colors, a mirror, 4 blush palette, 1 butter balm, 1 matte lip cream, 1 eyeliner, 1 small brush and 1 eyeshadow applicator.

 I mean come on, it has everything and it was free. 😁 Awesome sauce! But I only used the eye palette for my eyes since this is all about the eyes haul. 😉

So anyway, I used this color..

 It’s like a white semi-shimmer eyeshadow and I just applied it underneath my brow lines and on the medial comissure of my eyes, which is the space between the inner part of the eye and the side of the bridge of the nose.

It’s just to make the eyes more bigger and brighter. Next I used this color..

It’s like a toffee brown color, applied on the outer part of my eyelids. Then this color..

To the middle part of my eyelids. It actually looks yellow gold when you apply it. I love how the eyeshadows of this palette are very pigmented and easy to apply. Doesn’t dust like other kinds of palettes on your skin and then you have to wipe it off or brush it off and you end up messing your make up especially when you use dark colors. I get so bummed with that. This one does not.

And then lastly, I used this color on the inner part of my eyelids and using a flat liner, I lined it underneath my eyes, extending it upward towards the outside of my eyes.

After doing that, I use a blending brush to blend the colors on my eyelids, I blend from outside to inside in small circular motions so it would swirl nicely.

Next is applying the eyeliner..

I used L’orèal Infallible Super Slim Liner. This liner is very precise with a 0.4mm tip it slides on perfectly. Of course a steady hand always helps. So I did mine, making sure I do my winged tip of course. This is my go to liner, And it stays on for more than 12hrs. Doesn’t smudge on the sides of the eyes.

I used Wet N Wild Maxfanatic Cat Eye Mascara for my lashes.

This mascara is by far the best one I’ve used. It’s shaped differently, that accentuates more the outer part of the lashes to make that “cat-eye” effect. Loving this product soooo much. And that completes my eye make up! Here’s the finished look again..

 I hope you guys enjoyed this one.. Don’t worry, I didn’t forget about my lippie. That’ll be for my next blog. So hope you guys enjoyed this as much as I did. Click on those hyperlinks to get your own products. Ciao! 😘

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