MAC Viva Glam IV Frost Lipstick & Make Up Forever Aqua Lip 8c

Hello loves! I’m back again, here to give you reviews on another set of lippies for everyone.. Here we go!

Let’s start with Make Up Forever Aqua Lip 8c. This Lipliner is firetruck red in color. Very pigmented so when you apply it once you see the shade instantly. Very creamy texture and is easy to apply. Does not feather and is waterproof as well. Aqua lip has an array of colors from nudes to reds. A bit on the pricey side for a lipliner but truly worth it though. 
Next would be MAC Viva Glam IV Frost

 Okay so this is the shade of this lipstick. It’s supposedly a midtone rose color with gold pearls. Its a frost finish. I know, I know.. Why did I use a “firetruck red” for a midtone rose color? See for yourself..

It really is not rose in color, I expected a more pinkish hue but it actually came out more reddish on the lips. It’s in a frost finish, so you do see the gold tone reflecting making it shine but with a duller effect. 

With more light.. 

 It actually becomes more frosty and redder which I am soooo loving! Stays moisturizing on the lips, does not dry, unless you mess up your lips it would not smudge. Doesn’t feather as well. 

 I am so loving MAC’s Viva Glam lipsticks! There you have it everyone. Click on the hyperlinks to get yours now. Til next time! Ciao loves! 😘


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