LA Splash Lip Couture: Honey Blonde & Nyx Wonder Pencil: Medium

Hello World! Welcome to my blog again. I’ve got some new products to review for you wonderful people. So lets get started, shall we? 
Let me start off with one from my favorite inexpensive brand, Nyx. This is the Nyx Wonder Pencil: Medium

This is the pencil that does “wonders” truth be told. This pencil conceals, brightens and lines all together. All around pencil for around the lips, below the eyebrows, under the eyes and any make up mistakes you might make. 

It comes in 3 colors, and I chose Medium since my skin is light but has a reddish tone to it, the Light color doesn’t blend well with my skin.  I used this as a lipliner and a highlighter after I put on the lip color. It’s not as creamy as a lipliner, since I believe it acts as a concealer too but still applies really well. 

The next is LA Splash Lip Couture: Honey Blonde

I just learned about this make up brand recently and if I may say, I adore them now. They have an array of lip liquids and eye shadows. And their formula for their lip colors are amazing. Waterproof and glides on perfectly. This shade is called Honey Blonde, its a warm light caramel brown color that is also matte finish. Here’s the swatch..

 It dries fast on the lips and is very light, does not goop or crack. It feels like you’re not even wearing any lip color on. So after the wonder pencil, I applied this on my lips. I let it dry first then on my cupid’s bow and lip edges i applied the lip pencil again. So here’s how it looked on me.. 

Perfect matte finish. Light and feathery on the lips. I have been drinking and eating and it barely came off. 

 Here’s after an hour..

And then after 4 hours..

Sooooo loving this shade! I think it would look good on any skin color, adds warmth to any look. 

 Love button please! 

So there you go.. Another review for you all. Hope you enjoyed this, and go ahead and grab your very own ones. Til next time! Ciao! 😘👍🏻👄


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