Kylie Gloss by Kylie Jenner: Literally

 Hey everyone, It’s me again, here to give another review on lippie products we all love. ❤️

Today will be a bit different, Still on lippies but more so of lipgloss than lip colors. And yes, it’ll be on one of Kylie Glosses… Yipee! So here we go..

 So if you guys follow my instagram account you might have seen my post on my recent orders of Kylie cosmetics that arrived. I did get a couple and today I decided to use one of the lip gloss I ordered. I used the Kylie Gloss: Literally since I felt lazy to fix myself up…totally. And since I didn’t have much time since I have to go to work, I grabbed this and decided to review on it as well.

 This gloss is a warm peachy nude color with a glossy finish. The consistency is very light, not too thick like other lip glosses. Glides very well. I love the shade,it is a perfect nude for a simple “no make up” look.

 I’ve seen reviews before with the longer end brushes that get messed up in the container, and I guess now they made it shorter so it wouldn’t happen again. Mine now is the shorter and it does the job. So here’s how it looked on me..

 It actually blended well with my lip color. Natural-looking when applied. Glossy finish.

 This is with different lighting so you can see better. A very subtle shade but what I love about it is that it moisturizes my lips all through out. It actually said to have voluminous effect, I didn’t see it much. It was luminizing though.

 Here’s one more..

 For a much close up view. A perfect shiny nude gloss for every skin color. So there you have it! Another review for you loves. Check out kyliecosmetics instagram to watch out for there next restock. Until then, Ciao!


Tey 👄


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