Too Faced Melted Matte Liquified Longwearing Lipstick: Unicorn 

 Hello everyone! It’s me again. Your favorite Lippie Blogger, here to give you another review on my favorite lip products. 
Today will be on one of Too Faced Cosmetics newly released products  the Too Faced Melted Matte Liquified Longwearing Lipstick: Unicorn. But before I do that I would like make a shoutout to Smashbox Clear Lipliner that I used on this lipstick. I love their clear lipliner that goes with any shade and prevents it from feathering and smudging off the lips. Good job, Smashbox!

 So back to my review, this was actually a makeover from their previous Melted Matte in the tube, if you’ve seen my reviews before I have done a review on it but with the metallic ones. But the container is the same as the older version for this one. And first of all, I am loving this makeover! I think it’ll make it more effective putting on and it makes it much sleeker. 
 The color is bright orchid with a matte finish. Very very smooth and the pigment? The best I’ve seen yet! I mean you see the picture above, and I haven’t even put it on but the color is like..Wow!

 I took a swatch test and this is how it looked 👆🏻 bright orchid that is velvety in texture. Not thick, just the right consistency and when applied dries but still mosturizes. It has a doe tip applicator which makes it easy to glide on. It does have a cosmetic smell to it at first but it doesn’t bother me. So here’s how it looked on my lips.. 

 Soooo loving the shade! And I have eaten fries and drank water, it came off slightly but the undertone color was still on my lips so, I just dried my lips, made sure it wasn’t oily and then applied another coat. Which blended again well with the previous coat, made it an even application.

 Lasted for over 8 hours though. Love button! Here are more photos..  

 Yes yes yes.. I can be vain. lol. The color is so spot on. They also have other shades too. So there you have it! I hope you enjoyed this review! Go ahead and grab yours too. Either online or in stores, Sephora and Ulta have them. Til Next time! Ciao! 


Tey 💜


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