Lime Crime Velvetine: Salem & Nyx Slim Lip Pencil: Brown

Hello there, Its me again Priteychic. Here to give you my ever so wonderful followers, and visitors as well another review on Lip products we all love…or are about to love (…for newbies out there) once I’m done with this review. So for saying that, let me start this off by introducing one product from one of my favorite cosmetic brand, Nyx cosmetics, their Nyx Slim Lip Pencil: Brown
 This Lip pencil is in a brown shade,  easy to apply and is very creamy on the lips. 

 I chose this lip pencil with my lip color since it was the closest color I could find from my stash. 😁 

I did a swatch to show you the colors..

 My lip color was just a tad bit darker but it still worked well together. I wanted to use my True Brown K lip liner but it didn’t match very well, so this is what I used. I very much enjoy Nyx Cosmetics array of lip pencils since it ranges from nudes to mauves to dark shades and for the price you can’t really beat. It doesn’t feather, prevents my lip color from bleeding so what more can you ask for, eh? 

My next star for this review will be from Lime Crime, a cruelty-free vegan cosmetic brand from L.A. that has oh-so-desirable line of lip colors and even eye palettes. Today it is the Lime Crime Velvetine: Salem.

 So first let’s talk about container. Frosted Glass? Love it. Cool and Flirty top case design? Loving even more! I haven’t even started with the lip color itself! Haha. I’ll post the swatch again for the color..

 The color is a very rich brown with just probably a hint of red undertone to it. Velvety smooth once applied on the lips, dried to a smooth matte finish that doesnt feather or becomes flaky on the lips. It actually remains intact even when water is applied. Amazing! But of course, what helps getting it off? Oil. So imagine eating pizza, yup it will come off. But never worry, just apply a new coat and you are good to go again….make sure though your lips are oil-free and dry or else it wont stay matte anymore. So here’s how it looked on my lips..

 Please pardon my highlighter scrubs I have on. Haha. It can be blinding. 😂 

The color is just the perfect brown shade that doesnt pale your face nor darkens your features too much. The texture on the lips as I said, is very smooth, I read on their sight that they actually compared it to the softness of rose petals and I couldn’t agree even more. Doesn’t dry out my lips which is a Plus plus in my book. 

 I have this mannerism of biting my lips alot and even when I did, the color was still on my lips. Didn’t transfer on my teeth (Thank goodness) and stayed velvety through out my 8hour work shift. 

  So there you guys have it. My reviews on these two products. I encourage you make up junkies to grab yours as well. I know you will love it too! If you think it might not look good on you, well I urge you to try it out first. Be adventurous! Try that dark shade you’ve been eyeing but are afraid to test it out. My saying when it comes to make up is that, it’s your own canvass, your own palette. There’s no “it just doesn’t look good on me” thing. Mix it up! Until you get the right cheek color or that right contour to make that lip color work. That’s what I’ve been doing. Just saying. 😉 Til next time! Ciao! 


Tey ❤️


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