LA Splash VelvetMatte: Fantasy

 Welcome back everyone! It’s me again Priteychic. Here to give you another lippie review that will again tempt you into getting one yourself. šŸ˜ Here we go…

 Today’s Lip Product is from LA Splash Cosmetics. This company is from California since 2001. I just recently learned about them and decided to test their lip products. The one I am doing a review on is LA Splash VelvetMatte Lipstick: Fantasy

 This liquid lipstick is a part of their Forbidden Kiss Collection. It is a soft dusty rose pink color in matte finish. The container is in frost glass look which I adore with the pink metallic top cover. 

 It has a slim doe tip applicator that is very soft and makes it easy to apply. Here’s the swatch for the color.. 

 This is the drying swatch. It takes a little bit more time to dry than other lip liquids I’ve tried but it’s all good. When it completely dries it is this gorgeous matte finish that amplifies the color even more. Velvety on the lips and very light as well. So here’s how it looked on my lips.. 

 I love how the color dries and turns to a delicate pink color. It’s waterproof so even when I drank water it didn’t come off. You feel like you’re not even wearin any lip color on. 

 I am loving this shade! I just added a little blush, did my eyebrows (of course) and that was it. It brought my look all together. This color would look good on any skin color. And even makes your lips look a lot fuller.

 So there you guys have it! Short and sweet. I hope you guys enjoyed this review. Try it out. Til next time! Ciao! 


Tey ā¤ļø  


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