LIPLAND Matte Lip Crayon: Orion

 Hey there everyone! It’s me again. Here to give you guys another review on another lip product I’m using. Let’s get started!

 Today, my lucky lippie is LIPLAND Matte Lip Crayon: Orion. This is from LIPLAND Cosmetics, I’ve just recently learned about them too. 
 The shade is a peachy nude in a matte finish. Its a twist up slim crayon which makes it easier to hold. Gorgeous color as I may say. I used Nyx Slim Pencil in Peekaboo Neutral as my lip liner for this shade. So this is how it looked on my lips..

 It actually turns into peachy nude with a touch of pink to it. A Very soft color. The lip crayon itself is not that creamy though, it was a bit dry so I had to make sure I moisturized my lips before I applied it. Here’s a close up..  

Applies well though. If you have dry lips or chapped lips, you really do need to moisturize or use lip scrub because it will show and you’ll end up having flakes of lip color on your lips. For the price, I would say it’s okay but if they maybe vamp up on their formula just a tad it would be really perfect. 

 It doesn’t dry out your lips though. You can feel it on your lips but it’s never thick in consistency. Also very pigmented. 

 Here’s one in a different lighting below..

 Under yellow or dim light that’s when you see the peachy nude color. I think it also maybe because of my natural lip color that makes it pinkish in a way. Comes off when you eat of course and drink. It’s not waterproof but still loving the shade. 

 So there you have it! A short review for you lippie lovers out there! Til next time! Ciao!👄 



8 thoughts on “LIPLAND Matte Lip Crayon: Orion

    • priteychic says:

      Good news though, Lipland ships worldwide 😁 so if you really want it you can get it! It may take longer though. Lol! Youre adorable and sweet. Yes this color will look good on you. Ill try to find another brand with this shade. But just letting you know. They ship worldwide. Check their site!


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