Kylie Lipkit: Koko K

 Hey there loves!! It’s me again here to give you guys another review on a lip product you are going to love so much! Today it’ll be on Kylie Lipkit: Koko K. Yey!!! So here goes.. 

 We all know about the famous Kylie Lip Kits everyone has been raving about. And I was lucky enough to have purchased my own stash. Yipee! If you’ve seen my instagram account, I posted a couple of times my lipkits. Today, I am using Kylie Lipkit: Koko K. It is a pale pinkish nude color with matte finish. 

  Here’s the color..

 The Lip liquid is very creamy and dries fast. The thing with the Kylie Lipkit I have noticed is that you have to make sure your lips are really moisturized and has no chappy areas because it will show and it won’t look really good. 


The lipkit comes with a lipliner as well. The same shade that blends well with the lip color. 

 Here’s how it looked on my lips.. 

 A pale pink that reminds me of a pink rose petal. Velvety and the matte actually makes my lips plumpier looking. 

 Here’s more photos with the lippie.. 

 I am so loving this shade on me. Pardon the face I literally just woke up for work and got ready 😃 
So there you have it! I hope you guys enjoyed this review. Go ahead and follow their account on Instagram for updates for restock. Til next time! Ciao!


Tey ❤️


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