Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip: Bumble

 Hello everyone! I am back! Here to give you lovely followers another lippie review. I’ll be going back to one of my ultimate favorite brand, Colourpop. Here we go then..
 The lippie I used is Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip: Bumble. This is a warm dusty terracotta color, similar to a red clay like color. This has a matte finish to it. Here’s a swatch.. 

 The color is so soft yet the color is so edgy and unique. I have always loved Colourpop, their formula is nearly perfect. Velvety, light on the lips. Doesn’t flake or clump. Lasts for over 8 hours. Here’s how it looked on my lips.. 

 This color is exquisite!!! Very sexy too. The color borders between red and a rose color. 

 I’d like to shoutout to Makeup Forever Aqua Lip Waterproof Pencil in 2c for that perfect lines to my lips. Lasted even after I removed my make up.

I used just one layer over my lips and it was all good. This lippie is amazingly pigmented and it dries in around 10-15 seconds. Dries to matte finish but still moisturizes your lips. 
 I made sure though I didn’t eat anything oily so it won’t come off. I kept my make up simple. Some light contouring and touch of bronzer then it was all done. The lippie brought it all together. 

  So there you have it, my review on this lippie. Feel free to order yours too! You will not regret it. Swear.  Til next time! Ciao! 

Tey ❤️


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