Kylie Lipkit: DOLCE K

Hello again, loves! I am back.. After getting some much needed rest, I am here to give you another review on one of my favorite lippies that I am dying to share with you guys. Here we go!
 Yup, you figured it right! My lucky lippie review for the day is Kylie Lipkit: DOLCE K! Yey! I have been giving praises on Kylie’s cosmetic line with my previous reviews, and I must say I still will. Her formula was thought out really well. So kudos to Kylie for providing us with quality lipsticks. Every product down to even its box and design was very well thought of. Lip colors that are what we call the classic basics plus the famous nudes. Speaking of nudes, this one kit is one of them.

 Let me start with the lip pencil. This lip pencil is as creamy as it can get. Soft and shades nicely. It is matte finish too which actually makes it easier to go around the lips and coat with the liquid lipstick. I love how sleek it looks with the black matte color and then her silver signature in the middle. One thing I have noticed too is that, the cover? You know how some lip liners have the covers but as soon as it hit your make up bag it magically pops out from the cover, so you have this lip pencil drawings on the inside which wrecks not only the bag but your exquisite lip pencil. Yup, that happened to me. Well, this one has a certain lock on cap edges that keeps the cap in place unless you remove it yourself. Cool right!

This one now would be the liquid lipstick itself. The shade for the lipkit is called Dolce K, which when I hear it, it reminds me of a cappucino or a latte. This color is like a medium beige nude shade with a mild brown undertone to it. Matte finish as well. Here’s a swatch for both…

 The creamiest texture I have ever used. Yes, I said it. Creamiest and the smell is divine. It doesn’t smell like how cosmetics usually smell like. It actually has a mild fragrance to it. So here’s how it looked in my lips… 

The application is very easy and one swipe, colors the lip evenly. No need for another top coat. I advice you not to do that too since it may goop up eventually. 

 I love this shade so much. It’s just an enough beige and brown to add color to your lips but still with that nude fix to it.

 I have noticed that when I use Kylie Lipkits, I can make my lips look bigger with it. Just a thought. 

The liquid lipstick has a velvety texture to it. Lasts for a long time. Smudge-proof and very light on the lips. 

So there you guys have it! Hopefully you guys are able to grab your own lipkits. I know how fast these sell out. I hope you enjoyed my review! Til next time! Ciao!

P.s. Visit my instagram account to view photos and videos of these lippies and other make up products. – priteychic2


Tey ❤️


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