Kylie Metal Matte: HEIR

Hey there everyone! It’s me again your savvy lippie blogger for another short but sweet review on another lip product from Kylie Cosmetics. 

 Today it’ll be on Kylie Metal Matte: HEIR lipstick. Let’s get started…

 This is one of the 3 metal matte liquid lipsticks Kylie Jenner created. The consistency is the same as the matte liquid lipstick. It is a long-wearing formula that does not dry out the lips. Here’s a swatch…

 It’s pinkish gold in color with metallic shimmer plus matte finish. Here’s how it looked on my lips…
 It becomes a peachy metallic shade depending on how the light hits it. You can slightly see the metallic matte effect in the photo above.

Sooo loving this lippie really. It’s metallic enough to see the effect but matte enough that it dulls the shine so the metallic comes through. 

It is longwearing and stayed on my lips even when I have been drinking water. What a chic color! 

So there you go! Hope you enjoyed my review! Check out and follow my instagram account priteychic2 for photos and videos.  Til next time! Ciao! ❀️




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