My DENIM makeup Haul

Hello, hello wonderful and beautiful people! It’s me again. And today I’ll be doing one of my make up hauls. This one I called the DENIM Make up Haul, since I will be using a daring and different lip color which is in a shade of blue that reminds me of something denim. I’ll be using a number of make up products to blend everything all together to make a make up look that you guys can try out as well. Let’s start!
So to start off, every routine make up needs to start off with primer and then foundation. Concealer is a must if you have some blemishes to cover and under the eyes. I wait atleast a minute before applying anything after just to see how my foundation sets and if I need to add more or take off less, and also to check that it’s all evened out. If you’ve checked out my other make up haul reviews, I mentioned the first few steps I do when doing my make up. So rather than repeating them again, I’ll skip that and go to the parts about this haul. 

After my brows are done, I start with my eyeshadow. Today I used Sugar Baby’s Ticket to Beautif-eye Natural Palette.

 So this eyeshadow palette comes with 14 neutral shades with both matte and shimmer eyeshadows, a dual-ended brush and a mirror. The color palette is gorgeous, the eyeshadows are all very easy to apply and adheres to the eyelids very well. I chose to use neutral shades since I will be using a rather bold color for my lips. I want to accentuate the lip color more for this one. So I started with this color for my whole eyelids even over the brow bone..

 It’s a cream-beige color that I used it as a base for my eyeshadow. Next I applied this color which is like a light taupe brown shade on the outer part of my eyelids going in. 

 You don’t need to apply too much. Just enough to give some color to your eyes. Next one is this color below..

 Which I applied over the crease area of both eyelids. I apply it from outer corner going in always. It’s a medium brown with a touch of mauve shade for me. Next was this color below..

 Whichi is like a brown-grayish shade that I applied just on the centers of my eyelids. Lastly i used this color..

 Which is like a dusty light rose color just near the inner part of the eyelids. With a blending brush I swirled it all together. 

My next step was to apply liner. I used Milani Easy Liner Glitter in Blue Topaz.

 It’s a really pigmented eyeliner in a blue shade with glitters that you can actually see and quite noticeable. I wanted to use this liner since I felt it would go well with my lip color. Here’s a swatch..

After the liner, I used Benefit They’re Real Mascara just on my lashes. 

 One swipe on my lashes and they all became more vivid and darker. I have long eyelashes already so I just usually add on mascara to volumize my lashes. Here’s how my eyes looked after..

  Its a light but not too light kind of eye make up. The blue liner definitely made it look different and better if I may say. 
So after doing my eyes, I used PÜR Sunkissed Glow Strobe/Higlight Palette for my face. 

This palette is in one of my TOP 5 must-have palettes ever. The texture is creamy and the shimmer glow is subtle yet adds this summery delicate color to your face. From top to bottom shades are called: Aurora, Solar and Dusk. I used Dusk as a contour and used a make up sponge to apply it. I used Aurora as a highlighter, and Solar as a light blush. Here’s the swatch for the colors…

Top is Dusk, then Solar and Aurora. The shades are to die for! They all give this ergo sun-kissed glow when applied. 

 So next on my haul list is my favorite Smashbox Always Sharp Clear LipLiner that I used on my lips. It keeps the color on my lips intact, no bleeding and goes with any lip color since its clear. 

 After, it’s time to put my lip color on. My lippy for the day is LA Splash Lip Couture: Vindictive.

 This Lippy is a velvety and rich liquid lipstick from LA Splash Cosmetics. It is a grey-blue shade with matte finish. It really does remind me of denim. So that’s why I went with this. Here’s a swatch..

 So first thing’s first, texture is velvety, very creamy and light. Staying power, well I ate chinese food, I drank soda, I drank water, I had some refreshers, and guess what? Did not even budge. The lips color stayed on with all the oil, water, liquids. Amazing. Did not flake, or feather. Drying time may take a bit longer, 5minutes in and it was still a bit sticky but it didn’t bother me at all. Really mattified. 

 People kept on complimenting my lip color the whole time I went out. They even were asking the shade and brand so they could get their own. 

 I liked it when they ask me that. It’s like me giving good make up advice to someone. I wear this color proud. It was a risk I wasn’t afraid to try. I wanted to try colors that were away from the normal lipstick shades we are so used to. 

 This color did it for me. I love love love it! This lippie brought the whole look together. 

 I feel giddy when I see it in the photos. Pardon me for that. I am just getting obsessed with this shade. I insist everybody get theirs too! There’s the final look!


So there you have it! I hope you guys enjoyed this haul. I did! Til next time my loves! Ciao!  


Tey 👖 


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