Too Faced Melted Matte Lipstick: Drop Dead Red

Hey there loves! I am baaaaaack. I know it’s been a short while since I have posted any of my reviews. I had to rest my face from a really bad reaction, I developed rashes and had to do a chemical peel after that so my face was all dry and flaky. So 5 days I couldn’t put make up on. And it was time that I had to let my face breath a bit. It’s something everyone should do too. I know how we all love to paint on our faces but our skin needs a day at the spa too. Haha. But I am back and all is well so I figured it’s time for me to give my wonderful followers a long due review. Let us start then! 
Today’s lucky lippy is from another favorite brand of mine, Too Faced. It’s Too Faced Melted Matte Lipstick: Drop Dead Red. 

Since Too Faced’s makeover on their melted matte line, I have totally been obsessing about it. It now delivers more intensity and staying power compared to before.  

 This shade is a deep mulberry shade with a matte finish that takes the deep color to another level. It’s a deep mulberry with mahogany accents which makes the shade deep red and slightly brownish when applied. Here’s a swatch..

 When applied, the lipstick glides on like gloss but completely dries as matte. Consistency is very light. Very vivid in shade. The color is very intensified so one sweep actually gives great color and comes out evenly. Here’s how it looked on the lips…

 Oh yeah, I got my hair colored too this weekend which resembles the lip color. Lol. 

 Did I say I am loving this color so much?? It is a very sexy and sultry color to wear. Lasting power? 8/10. It lasted for 8 hours but of course, all matte lip colors come off when oil or grease touch it. But other than that it stayed on. 

 Definitely matte finish, as you also can see very pigmented. Does not feather or bleed. I used lipliner too by the way, to just make sure I apply evenly. Shout out to Rimmel Exaggerate Lipliner: Rapture for this one. 

 Don’t be surprised though when you apply it on and you think it’s a bit tinty, it glides on, as i mentioned, like gloss at first then dries matte so the pigment actually gets darker once it dries off.

 Completely worth it for the price! I got this color since it just was so pretty when I swatch tested it. I think this was where I got my hair color idea too, haha. 

 Perfect color for a date, an event, a night out or even if you feel like just wearing it alone in the day. Wear your lippies proud!  So there you guys have it! Another review done. Don’t worry I am so back and ready to deliver more make up and lippy reviews for all my very patient followers. Thank you. 

Til next time, loves! Ciao!! 


Tey ๐Ÿ’‹


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