Lashed Liquid Lipstick: Haute Cocoa

 Hello there everyone! It’s me again, ready to give you guys another review on my lippies of the day. Technically this was supposed to be yesterday’s lippie review but I just didn’t have the time to post it. So here I am now, not too late I hope. 
So shall I start then? Here we go..

Today’s lippie will be from Lashed Cosmetics by Blacchyna. It’ll be on her liquid lipstick, Lashed liquid lipstick: Haute Cocoa. 

So I know that you guys are wondering, what made me try this lippie out? We all know how controversial it is getting linked to any “Kardashian” news, and I have been seeing these comparisons alot on the internet. I mean, I am just a mere blogger and here to just do a review on just this lippie, no comparison to Kylie’s liquid lipstick. So here it goes…

 This is Lashed liquid lipstick: Haute Cocoa. Liquid lipstick formulated by the infamous Blac Chyna. It’s apparently Vegan and gluten-free. Paraben-free as well. The packaging is very simple but decent looking. Here’s a swatch…
 It’s a nude brown-pink mauve shade with a glossy finish. The consistency is thick, creamy with a slightly sticky texture as off a lip gloss. The applicator was a slim wand which was a bit hard to apply such a thick texture. Here’s how it looked on my lips…

 Once applied, it takes the texture of a lip gloss so you can feel it on your lips. 

The shade is pigmented perfect for a brown nude shade. Since the color resembles slightly my natural lip color, it blended with it very well. 

Staying power more of a 6/10. It did stay on but I had to reapply a couple of times for it did fade. It did however keep my lips moisturized. Did not dry my lips out.

I kind of like it though. Not because of the name or the brand. Glossy lipsticks now are making a comeback. We’ve been on with the matte and metallic craze recently, now glossy wants to strut her stuff too. 

 It is actually perfect for an everyday lipstick. For a casual day out, to the grocery or even when you’re working out and still want to look good. Swipe this puppy on and run that mile. An easy-going, natural color for all skin colors too. 

So there you guys have it! Hope you enjoyed this one. Til next time loves! Ciao!! 


Tey 🌰


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