Colourpop Lippie Stix: FRIDA

  Hey there everyone! It’s me again. Here to give you guys another lippie review. Yay! Let’s get started shall we?
So my review today will be from my ultimate favorite brand, Colourpop Cosmetics. It’s Colourpop Lippie Stix: Frida.  

 This is from their Lippie Stix Collection, that is a cross between a lip crayon and lipstick. The consistency is creamy even in lipstick form. Here’s a swatch…

 It’s a mid-tone nude pink shade with matte finish. Here’s how it looked on my lips…

The color is a soft pinkish nude that makes any feature delicate. Staying power is not like the liquid lipstick they have. Stays matte on the lips but never dries. 
The shade is perfect for that natural and sweet look you want to pull off. It may not last that long but for me, it doesn’t bother me really. Nothing a reapplication can’t fix. 

With this lippie, I didn’t need to use a lipliner or lip pencil. The slim figure of the lippie and the consistency actually can pass off as a lip pencil too. So I just lined my lips first with the angled tip and then filled in my lips. 

 And yet again, I am loving this shade. I just did my eyebrows, touch of bronzer, mascara and then the lips..voila! Complimented my shirt too. Haha. 

So there you guys have it! Another review for you wonderful followers. I’ll be posting another review today as well since I think I am lagging behind on my blogs haha. Ciao lovies!! 


Tey 🐷


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