Hello everyone!! I know, I know… It’s been a while since I did one of my blogs. I do have a reason, I recently moved into my own apartment so I was kind of moving in stuff and fixing the place. This was the only weekend I was able to even use my make up products! Yes it is true. I put it in boxes and I didn’t want to sort through them until I had my furnitures in. So I do apologize to those who patiently waited since I usually do my lippies and blogs atleast every other day and then nada for a couple of weeks. 
But no fret, I am back and excited to share another review on my vast collection of lippies. 😁 

Today I will be reviewing from one of our favorite infamous cosmetic lines, Kylie Cosmetics. Seriously this lady is pushing out one lippie to the next and I am soooo way behind on reviewing her stuff. I do have them all here but as they say, patience… We shall all get there in time. Haha. It will be on her Kylie Lipkit: Candy K. Here we go…

Let me start off with the lip pencil..

 So for those who’ve been following my blogs, I have mentioned how her lip pencils are really creamy. For those that has just recently been introduced to my site, hello, and yes it is very creamy, applies on nicely and very pigmented. The shade is of a rose pinkish nude color. Prevents any bleeding or feathering from happening. I am really quite happy with her lip pencils. 

Next off, will be the liquid lipstick itself…

 It is of matte finish as we all know, consistency is just the right mix. Not too watery and not to goopy. Glides on smoothly, velvety as I may say. Color is vibrant and very well pigmented too. It is a warm pink nude shade that reminds me of blush roses. Dries on fast and is transfer-proof. But of course, all matte liquid lipsticks when oil is applied it will come off. But lasting power for this one, I give 8/10. 

Here are swatches for both lip pencil and lipstick..

 I also took ones without the flash so you could compare…

 The shade is very delicate. And Very romantic. Here’s how it looked on me next …

 To be honest, I am an avid fan of Kylie’s Cosmetic line. I know how people say it’s just the name and it’s not that good, hey to each their own, but I believe it makes up for the price. 

 The formula is of great quality and for quantity? Ooh selling like hotcakes. 

 So I am proud to say that I give this lipkit and her other lipkits a big thumbs up! 👍🏻

There you have it my loves.. I hope you enjoyed this review. Follow me on instagram and snapchat for videos and photos. Til next time, ciao!!! 💋

Instagram: priteychic2

Snapchat: priteygirlrock


TEY ❤️


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