Jeffree Star Summer Bundle: Watermelon Soda Velour Liquid Lipstick ðŸ’‹

 Hello my lovely followers!! It’s me again. Here to give you another quick lippie review for the week. It’s just been really busy that’s why it’s taking me awhile to post and do my reviews. But here we are again though as promised, I will be reviewing on one of my favorite brands’ liquid lipstick, from the infamous make up artist, Jeffree Star, in his Summer Limited Edition lipsticks. The Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick: Watermelon Soda. Here we go then…

 So here’s the lipstick. The container is also a limited edition one since the yellow top cover will only be with the summer limited edition lipsticks. The container is cute actually. Short but makes up for the amount inside really. 

The color of the lippie, is just oh so bright! A pink/red color that really does define a summer’s day. Here is a swatch..

 Very bright pink-red color in a matte finish. It dries really well without actually drying the lips and chapping. The lipstick is very light and creamy, and applies well on the lips. Here’s how it looked…

 At first I was a bit skeptical of the color, in a way if i could actually pull it off since I have never tried a really really bright color on my lips ever. But when I paired it even with my neon yellow eyeshadow it actually made it look better! 

 The lippie is very pigmented. Vibrant, that one glide actually covers the lips fully. It wasn’t patchy nor streaky. Just the rigjt consistency and texture as well. 

 The color looks so “yummy”! It reminds me of candy or ice cream. 

 Staying power? 9/10. Stayed on even when I drank water, had some crackers, but it will come off when it touched oil or greasy food like normal liquid lipsticks do.

 I fell in love with this shade as soon as I swatched it on my hand. It is just so perfect for summer here right now. Or even when it’s not summer. For sure we all can rock this shade anytime of the year!

 Finally now I can say that I can work a really bright shade though. Lol. 

 So there you have it my loves! Another short review for you to enjoy. Add my snapchat and instagram for videos and photos I post over there. Til next time, ciao!! 

Instagram: priteychic2

Snapchat: priteygirlrock 

Tey 💋


5 thoughts on “Jeffree Star Summer Bundle: Watermelon Soda Velour Liquid Lipstick ðŸ’‹

    • priteychic says:

      Oh I hope they go international already. Try checking on morphe and on beautylish if they ship over there. Jeffree star is in business with them so they also sell his cosmetics. 😁 thank you!!!

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