Kylie Lipkit Summer Collection: Maliboo

 Hey there everyone, It’s me again here to provide you with the latest reviews on anything lippy. 😁 Today’s lucky product will be from one of my favorite celebrity brands, and I believe it is yours too, Kylie Cosmetics. She just recently released 3 new lipkits for like a summer collection, and I am fortunate enough to grab them and will be reviewing one of the three for you guys. Awesome-sauce! 

So to start, let me introduce to you guys, Kylie Lipkit: Maliboo. 

 So like always, Kylie’s lipkit consists of 1 lip liner and 1 liquid lipstick plus the box container. So above you can see them. Before I start reviewing this product, I just want to give you guys a tiny tip to spot a Kylie Lipkit fake. The grills on the teeth part on the box? The original ones are reflective, when you tilt it or change position under lights it would go from silver to black, kind of what a duochrome color does. So if you get yours that don’t, and they remain the same shade and is not reflective, you probably received the fake ones. There’s been a bunch out there and I am not dissing on them, to each their own, but I wouldn’t want to put anything on my lips or skin that is not what it actually says it is. I have high sensitivity to products so I just wanted to give you guys a tip so you won’t also be scammed into getting a fake when you payed for the real thing.😉 

So to the task at hand, Kylie Lipkit: Maliboo. Okay, this lippie is one from her summer-released lipkits.   I am so waaaay behind from reviewing all of her lipkits but fear not, I will catch up soon. Haha. 

Let me start with the lipliner.

 I have always adored Kylie’s Lipliners since they are all so creamy and smoothly glides on when applied. It is a liner but pigment is like of a lipstick. Full shade when applied. And the shade is always so nearly matching with the lipstick too. 

Next will be the liquid lipstick..

 Maliboo shade is a really cool nude tone with just a tad hint of mauve to it. This lipkit dries into a matte finish as well. The liquid lipstick consistency is very very creamy and velvety smooth. Comes with a cute doe foot applicator for easy glide on lips. 

Here’s a swatch of the lipkit…

 One with flash..

 One with natural light.. (Don’t mind the cut. I don’t even know how I got that.) 

Here’s how it looked on me…

 The shade doesn’t really speak “summer” for me though. It’s more of a fall color because of the cool tone it has to it. 

 Over all, I love the color. Just a sliver less from becoming an alien-y nude tone. 😂 

 I love how the tone actually makes my lips a bit bigger. It blends well with my skin tone. And I even believe it would be so gorgeous on darker complexion. Ooh envy much! 

 I matched my lips with some reddish pink tone eye shadow and kept all other areas of my face simple ang light. 

 The slight mauve-y tint to it actually slightly resembles one of Kylie’s other lipkit. But this one is more cool, more dulled-out nude that I would wear anytime of the day, or even night. 

  When applied, it will dry to a matte finish. It took probably a minute or two for it to dry all the way. It did not chap, nor become flakey. It felt really smooth on the lips. But the trick also is to condition your lips before using any matte lipstick so that the mattifying shows more and doesn’t crack. 

 Staying power? Around an 8/10. Stayed on all the time on my lips, whilst refraining anything oily. 

 There you guys have it then! Another review for my wonderful and amazing make up fanatics just like me! 😉

 If you guys want to check out my snapchat or instagram, feel free to do so. Sometimes I post my collections and other stuff on there. 

 Til next time my loves! Ciao! 

P.s. Instagram: @priteychic2

Snapchat: priteygirlrock 


Tey 💋


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