Kat Von D Studded Kiss: GOTHICA & MAC Lip Pencil: Morning Coffee

 Hey! I’m back. Here to give another exciting review for you lovely followers of mine. I was actually going to post my blog yesterday but then I got busy and I’m having one of my massive migraines since yesterday night. So even though I was dying to put up my blog, I just couldn’t so therefore I am making it up for today. I still have a migraine by the way, but I really needed to post this, it’s called DEDICATION people. Haha. So enough about that and let me start this review, Dolls. 😉 

So I know that everyone has noticed, bigtime, that there is this craze when it comes to liquid lipsticks especially mattes, metallics and now even glosses are making a come back. But for me, oh I love liquid lipsticks don’t get me wrong, but I would always go back to the classic lipstick tubes we’ve always known and have. It may not be “long-lasting, kiss-proof, water-proof, smudge-proof” as what liquid lipsticks claim they are, but I just find them easier to use and lasts a while longer product-wise. So with me starting on that, I will be reviewing on one of my utmost favorite brand’s lipstick plus another brand’s lip pencil as well. So let me get this thing rolling then!

My first review will be on MAC Lip Pencil: Morning Coffee. This lip pencil is creamy and pigmented like all MAC lip pencils are. A gorgeous mauve brown color, doesn’t feather, and is smudge-proof. 

I have always loved MAC products but the ones I trully adore are their lip pencils. I just like how their formula makes it hard to remove making it smudge-proof. Water and soap won’t even clear it off. Plus the shade of this one is absolutely gorgeous too. Not too dark of a brown and softer because of the mauvy tone to it. Must-have alert!

Next on my list will be Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick: GOTHICA. This is one of Kat Von D’s Studded Kiss Collection. 

 From the name itself, the lipstick case is black and studded. So gorgeous! It resembles Kat Von D’s personality. Edgy and rock n’ roll. 

Gothica is a sparkling bronze shade with a shimmer finish. A bold color that is creamy when applied. May not be long lasting as other lipsticks but the shade is really beautiful. Here’a a swatch of the lip pencil and lipstick…

  This one is with flash.

 This one is without flash.

If you noticed I used the mauvy brown liner against the bronze lipstick so that when applied it actually amplifies the bronze color on my lips. The liner color accentuates to the bronze lipstick. You can use a darker brown liner if you want or a closer color to the bronze. This was just my preference though. And on the following photos you’ll see it actually matches my eyeshadows. So here’s how it looked then.

 The lipstick’s very creamy, coats very well on the lips. And remains moisturizing the whole time on my lips. 

 The lip pencil complimented the lipstick as I mentioned earlier. 

 I used light eyeshadow too so I can emphasize more on the lips. 
 I am so loving this shade. It has just the right shimmer when light hits it and the brownish shade is perfect for any skin color. I bet for darker skinned dolls out there it will pop out more. Ooh, I envy you! 

 I had it on for around 8 hours, it does come off but the one thing I like about the lipstick tube is that I can reapply as much as I want and it won’t clump or goop like liquid lipstick does. 

 It actually resembles my hair color a bit haha, funny. Well there you have it, dolls. Hope you enjoyed this review. Follow me on my snapchat and instagram for photos and videos of my lippies and full make up looks. 😘 til next time, Ciao!  

P.s. Here’s my snapchat roll applying the lippies 


Tey 💋 

Instagram: priteychic2

Snapchat: priteygirlrock


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