Smashbox Always On Liquid Lipstick: DREAM HUGE & Fiona Stiles Lip Contouring Pencil: CORNELIA

 Hello dolls! It’s that time of the week again. Time for another lip review from your favorite (I do hope so!) makeup-loving blogger, Moi, of course. Today I’ll be reviewing on two amazing lip products that I hope you dolls will enjoy. Let’s get this rollin’ then…

First on the list, would be from celebrity make up artist Fiona Stiles’ cosmetic line, it is the Fiona Stiles Lip Contouring Pencil in the shade CORNELIA   I have tried a few products from Fiona Stiles and I have to say that they are not that bad. I’ve actually had this lip pencil for awhile now and I have been waiting to use it and see if it is up to par with the lip pencils I say are the best that I have tried and tested.  The lip pencil shade is an old rosy shade with a slight deepness in color. Very pigmented and color rich lip pencil. It wasn’t as creamy and soft as they claimed it is though. It felt a bit stiff when I applied it on my lips. But once on the lips it felt light and it did line very well. Completely smudge-proof. Water-proof even. I tried washing the swatch off my arm and lips and it stayed there for quite awhile. That’s a thumbs up for me. Because that means it doesn’t feather and let the lip color bleed out. 

Next, would be Smashbox Always On Liquid Lipstick in shade of DREAM HUGE. So this lipstick, I have been dying to try on since I’ve heard great reviews about it. 

Smashbox has been around for awhile now and I say they are one of the brands that I absolutely adore. From primers to mascara, I have not been disappointed by their line. 

So to start on their lipstick review, the shade is a mauve pink color in matte finish. An eight-hour wear, and it did, very pigmented and rich in color.  It comes in a short container with an angled diamond tip wand that is also bendable for easier application. It did not become sticky after you apply it, It actually felt very light and velvety on the lips. 

Here’s a swatch for both…  They were closely similar in shade but I still went with a darker lip pencil to accentuate the lip color more. 

Now here’s how it looked on my lips… I loved how the liquid lipstick did not peel or flake even after drinking and eating. Did not smudge at all. The lip contouring pencil actually made my lips look fuller than it is without lining outside the lip line. Bit my lip, swiped a napkin over it, no transfer whatsoever. The lip color is to die for. Really. Perfect matte mauve pink on the lip. A perfect daytime color or for a lunch date. I would definitely be using this one a lot. 

There you have it! I hope you enjoyed this review. Add me on snapchat and instagram for photos and videos of my make up looks and lippe reviews. Til next time loves! Ciao! 

xoxo, tey 💋 

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