Kylie Limited Birthday Edition Lipkit: LEO

 Yes yes yes I am back lovely dolls! I have got one exciting review for all of you that I know you would just love. Excited! Let’s do this shall we?

Today I will be reviewing on Kylie’s Limited Birthday Edition Lipkit LEO. This Lipkit is part of Kylie’s Limited Birthday Edition Collection for August. She released a set of cosmetics from Lipkits to Kyliners to even Kyshadows that have gold elements in it. Seriously, amazing right? โ€‹  The box is in black and gold, totally different from the usual white and black box it comes with it. The liquid lipstick has the gold top and both has the gold inscriptions too that goes with the box and collection.  So let me start with the lip pencil, Of course, very creamy matte lip pencil in a maroon shade. Very pigmented and glides on perfectly. It can actually be worn alone because the consistency is creamy enough to spread on the lips. The lip pencil can be sharpened, and as I said, glides on nicely. Next is the Liquid lipstick, a gorgeous deep maroon shade that dries to a matte finish. Very light and velvety when applied. The consistency is more liquified compared to the other lipkits I have tried. Here’s some swatches for both..  Since it’s a deep maroon shade, I made sure when I applied that it was even, I did 2 coats to make it richer in color. Here’s how it looked on me..  Enthralling color, deep and vivid. You can use it alone, with dark makeup or even just light make up on. It completely changes a look when used.   Sadly this one is a limited edition one so it’s now off the website.I don’t know if it will make a comeback on her birthday next year, I do hope so though, because this shade is absolutely gorg.

 I matched the look with a dusty blue grey eyeshadow. I didn’t put any eyeliner on since I didn’t want it to be too dark. The lip color itself was bold enough alone, so I wanted to soften the other features of my face. 

 Can I just say I am soooo feeling this color on me. Very sultry and classic at the same time.

 Kylie has outdone herself yet again folks! This one will be in my Top 5 Lippies ๐Ÿ˜ 
 So there you have it guys! Another review for you to enjoy. Check on my snapchat and instagram account for more videos and photos. Til next time dolls, Ciao! 

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Tey ๐Ÿ’‹


4 thoughts on “Kylie Limited Birthday Edition Lipkit: LEO

  1. laughloveandhippie says:

    I have Leo too and at first I hated it. Was so hard to apply and not look patchy to me. My friend told me to apply it with a lip brush and OMG! What a difference. The lip brush doesnโ€™t apply so much product so it doesnโ€™t get the cracky dry look. I also put a good lip moisturizer on before I apply any matte lip sticks. โค

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