VANATEI Matte Liquid Lipstick: ITEM 9 πŸ’‹


Hey there dolls! I know what you’re thinking… 2 reviews in one day? Oh yes I did. 😁 I have another exciting lippie review for you amazing make up geeks out there. This time I am giving props to another indie make up brand, VANATEI COSMETICS. 

I discovered this cosmetic line that sells liquid lipsticks on instagram actually, when I was just browsing around. What caught my eye was how inexpensive their liquid lipsticks were. Everyone loves anything that’s at SALE price. Lol. So anyway, they had this bundle deal of 4 lippies + 1 free for $39. Oh, that’s no typo, it’s true. Of course they don’t have that promo now but when I saw that, I of course double checked everything if it was legit and I did check reviews on the product. Cruelty-free, affordable, non-sticky, etc. I went ahead and got them. I’ve had them for awhile but I was waiting for the right time to use it. They’re a slightly smaller company I believe compared to others but their starting colors are gorgeous. So that made me decide to use one of the lippies, which is called Item 9. So today I’ll review on this one, with a shoutout to one of my fave lipliner as well from Makeup Forever: AQUA LIP pencil too. Here we go then…


I’ll start with my choice lip liner first. I used MAKEUP FOREVER Aqua Lip Pencil in 2c

I have used this lip pencil before with my other reviews so I’ll keep this short and sweet. It’s a bright red color that has matte finish to it. Very pigmented and long lasting. Will prevent any feathering and bleeding out. This is always my go-to lip pencil for my red lippies. 

Next is the main review, VANATEI Matte Liquid Lipstick in the gorgeous ITEM 9 shade.


First off, the container. Fab! Simple and chic. I dont know how to describe the tube, it feels like a cross between glass and plastic, it actually terrified me at first to have it in my bag or if I might hit it against something since it felt it might break. But it doesn’t of course, this was just the first liquid lip container I have encountered that doesn’t use the regular plastic tube ones. 

The wand is a slim narrow lip applicator. They could have used a better wand maybe since applying the lip color made it slightly harder than with the other wands I’ve tried. It needs a little bit more angle and more of the applicator tip brush. So VANATEI, I hope you could make your wands better soon! 😘 But still love ya though. 

The color is this very bright and intense red hue with a perfectly matte finish to it. THE. SHADE. IS. GORG. 

Here are swatches for both..

Okay so for my critique on the formula, first off, it is very vibrant. I applaud to how pigmented the liquid lipstick is. One swipe and it covers the lips and you instantly see how bright it is. But I feel like when you wear this lippie, use lip liner first, so it doesn’t bleed out. 

Second, the consistency is more watery than usual liquid lipsticks I have tried. It actually bordered a tad bit on like a lip stain too. I’m not saying it’s bad, it actually make the lip color latch on your lips better. But since the consistency is of that, it gets streaky a few times. But I don’t mind it since when I apply a second coat, Bam! Richer color covered. And it completely blends to the previous swipe you applied.


So here’s how it looked on me ☝🏻️

Since it was such a bold color, I minimized my eye makeup to just some blue eyeliner. I didn’t want to overpower the stunning lip color I had on. 

What I love about it is that, it actually made my lips look smoother. I could barely see the natural lines of my lips. 

It also helps to do a lip scrub before applying any matte lipstick on. So you can apply evenly. 

Totally dried to a perfect matte finish. It is long-lasting but I wouldn’t say it’s smudge-proof though. And always remember that matte lipsticks come off with anything that has oil. So don’t be surprised if you eat a slice of pizza and your lipstick comes off, or you feel it clumping or flaking. That’s why they tell you to refrain from oily food if you want it to last longer. Kind of like a diet right? Haha. I call it the MATTE LIPPIE DIET. Basically stay away from oily and fat-rich food! πŸ˜‚

So my verdict? LIPPIE-APPROVED! For the price? It won’t break the bank and you get your money’s worth. It may not be as good as other much more expensive ones, but hey, one thing is that they are cruelty-free and does not use harsh chemicals on their products.


They have a range of shades you can choose from too. From nude to red and now they came out with a gorgeous blue and a metallic one. So I guess what I am saying is…


It’s time for you to get your own liquid lipstick/s from VANATEI COSMETICS. And if you would lovely dolls use my referral link for it too, pretty please? Click down below to direct you to their site.


There you have it loves! Another review for you dolls of mine. Check out my instagram and snapchat as well. I do post my lippie videos over there and a couple of #makeupporn for all you addicts. Add me if you would please too. ☺️ til next time, Ciao!

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Tey πŸ‘„


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