Pat Mcgrath’s LUST004 Kit: Vermillion Venom “Glitter, Gloss & Glam”

 Hello again, Dolls! I hope you all had an amazing weekend. It’s that time again, yes, time for another lippie review from your I-hope-so-Favorite Beauty Blogger, moi! Here again to deliver yet another exciting and sweet review. 

The Lippie I’ll be reviewing on is going to be on Pat Mcgrath’s Uhh-mazing limited edition LUST 004 Lipstick Kit. *Ahhh*

Described as the “perversed lip paraphernalia”, this lipstick kit is such a sin begged to be worn.

I tried not to give in to the temptation, but just seeing that marvelous look on the lips, all glittery and glossy, I had to get my hands on them. And I did! So take a seat, recline, grab a glass of wine and read away. 

Let me start off with the contents of the lipstick kit.


It comes in this gorgeous package filled with shiny light pink sequins, so glam! I think it served a purpose to keep the items from getting jogged around and broken.  My only comment would have been that it would’ve been nice to make it a ziplock top so that we can reuse the bag and keep the sequins. Sadly, it is not so I had to put it in a different container afterwards. But very sassy idea though. 



2 Venom Lipsticks

1 Vinyl Lipgloss

1 metallic gold pigment jar

1 venom microfine red glitter jar

With this review and look, I used Venom 1 Lipstick, the Vinyl Lip Gloss and the Red microfine glitter jar. 

 What I love about this lipstick kit is for the price, $60, at first glance, you would think it’s expensive, but you get 5 items for it, quite reasonable if I might say. 
This is Venom 1 lipstick, it is a vivid blue-red shade in a very matte finish. It’s a slim twist-up tube, angled for better application. A very classic red shade that is very pigmented when applied. The formula is really creamy when applied. One swipe completely covers the lip instantly. You can use a lip liner at first if you want or just that by its own. This will be the one I’ll be using for this look. 

  This one is the Venom 2 Lipstick. It comes in a brown-red shade with matte finish as well. The same consistency and vividness of course as the Venom 1. This shade actually is perfect for Fall. 

 Next on the list is the Clear Vinyl Gloss. This is the gloss that comes with the kit. It helps in adhering the glitter and pigments. Also if you would want to add some glossiness to your lips. The consistency is what you expect of any gloss but it wasn’t thick or tacky actually. Just enough to adhere on the lips and not as sticky. I actually quite like the consistency of it. 

Next, is the metallic gold pigment. Very very fine gold dust in a mini jar. Perfect for the right amount of shimmer on the lips. 


The next one of course is the Venom microfine red glitter. These are very miniscule glitters in vivid red in a small jar. The glitters are quite shiny and since they are very fine, it is easy to apply on the lips once the gloss is on. This will also be what I’ll use for this review. 

Let me give you swatches of the stuff I’ll use for my look from the Lipstick Kit… I didn’t pile on too much of the glitters on the swatch since I didn’t want to use it up too much. But they shine really well when on the lips. 

So here’s how it looked on my lips…

It was actually quite easy to apply the glitters. First I applied the Venom 1 lipstick. 

Then I applied the clear vinyl gloss on..

 The Gloss made the lip color more vibrant. And then with a use of a lip brush for better application, I patted it on top of my lips..
You could apply more gloss on top but I felt it was going to feel too thick then on my lips. 


So to point out, this Lipstick kit for me is more of a “for looks” kind of lippie. It would be hard to use it and if you’re planning to go to dinner, expect it to come off and the you might end up eating some glitters too, just saying. But the look is so gorgeous! 

 Reminds me of the classic 50’s look. The glitters sparkle perfectly when it hits the light causing a dimentional effect to your lips.
 Stunning effect really! From how they described it, it really brings such a sultry appeal to it. 

I went with some winged eyeliner and very light eye makeup to make more emphasis to the lips (not that it needed to be) and of course brows needs to be on fleek too. 

One thing I love about the kit is that you can do whatever you want with it. You can mix and match, wear one alone, combine, add all of it on, you can go crazy with it! It’s totally up to you. And that’s what makes Pat Mcgrath’s creation great. So my verdict? Lippie-approved!

There you have it loves! Another review for you dolls of mine. Check out my instagram and snapchat as well. I do post my lippie videos over there and a couple of #makeupporn for all you addicts. Add me if you would please too. ☺️ til next time, Ciao!
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Tey 💋💋💋


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