DNCosmetiques Métallique Liquid Lipstick

 Happy weekend everyone! I hope all of you lovely dolls are enjoying your weekends right now. It’s that time again of course! Another amazing lippie review for you guys to enjoy. 😉 So let me dive into it now.

My lippie choice of the day is LL21 Mètallique Liquid Lipstick from this up-and-coming and recently launched lipstick line DNCosmetiques. But first, let me give you a background of this cosmetic line first. 

DNCosmetiques or Diamant Noir Cosmetiques is a neo online cruelty-free cosmetic line founded by B.A. Bunny which recently just launched their liquid lipsticks. They are cruelty-free which I give high respect to them, no one wants cosmetics that are tested on poor animals. I am an animal-lover and I salute companies or brands that don’t dare try test on animals. 

DNCosmetiques‘ line is very luxurious. I believe they will be a contender to the big name cosmetic brands we have now. 

They reached out to me,to my surprise, about their liquid lipstick line. I was fortunate enough to be able to try out their GORGEOUS liquid lipsticks. Customer Service is amazing and they are such a friendly company too. 

Accessing their site is easy, layout is very clean and easily manageable. For me it is always a key to have a website where you can easily maneuver and is visually stimulating as well. They have Meilleur matte liquid lipsticks that they have launched with a range of colors. They are launching their Métallique liquid lipsticks soon too and of course, I get the first dib on one from that collection. Yey! So with that said I’ll start my review on the said liquid lipstick now. 

 This is the LL21 Métallique Liquid Lipstick. It is a stunning burgundy plum wine shade in a metallic finish. The color, first of all, is sooo perfect for the fall season now. 
Let’s talk packaging. Clean and classy look, the transparent tube is perfect to view the shade inside. The design on the tube is chic. Not overly designed which makes it sophisticated looking. 

 The wand applicator is a doe-foot type with a slighlty more angular tip for precision application.
Here are the color swatches…


This lipstick has an iridescence to it ergo the metallic finish. Let us see how it looks on the lips…

So let us talk shade, can I just say Ravishing?? It has just the right metallic finish that still comes off matte. 

 The shade is a perfect wine color that has a plum-y touch to it. 

So verdict, the liquid lipstick consistency is thicker than most liquid lipsticks I have used. It also dries faster than the usual. Very pigmented. One swipe and it completely covers the lips. 

 Since it dries fast it does get a tad goopy. Maybe if they redo the formula and make it more hydrated so it doesn’t clump. 

With the doe tip applicator, it was easy to apply with its slight angle. 

The lipstick lasted for quite awhile. Kiss-proof, smudge-proof, yes and yes. May have a bit of flaking if you over apply. 


It was actually harder to remove. But you have to use an oil-based remover so it would be easier. Price? Not that bad. Not too expensive. You do get your money’s worth! My verdict? Lippie-approved! Am loving this brand!! I can’t wait to try the others!
So there you guys have it! I hope you enjoyed this review. Please check out DNCosmeticques website, check out their other shades and get one or 10 yourself! 😉 click HERE to redirect you to their site, like them on instagram too! Plus mine! Haha

Instagram: Priteychic2

Snapchat: Priteygirlrock

Til next time Dolls, ciao! 


Tey 💋 


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