Hello there dolls! And welcome back for another amazing lippie review! Today will be all things KYLIE COSMETICS as I do a lippie review for one of her Lipkit and Gloss. Let’s get this thing started then!

My Lippie choices are Kylie Lipkit: POSIE K + Gloss: LIKE.

Let me start with the Gloss. This is Kylie Gloss: LIKE. It is this warm mocha brown shade that is in a glossy finish. The gloss is very luminous and one thing I love about it is that it has natural lip enhancers that adds a voluminous effect to it. So mainly it helps plump up the lips even more.

The consistency is of a regular gloss but is not as sticky as regular ones. It is fluid enough to apply easier on the lips.

The wand is actually a short brush wand, very distinct from others but does the job well. I find it easier to apply it with especialy lining the lips with it.

The color for me is so gorgeous. It’s a perfect brown nude gloss that glimmers nicely. No matter how much you put on it, it doesn’t look as if you slabbed a bunch of gloss on your lips. Plus, it is very moisturizing and does not dry down after hours of use.

Next on the list is Kylie Lipkit: POSIE K.


This lipkit is one of the first staple lipkits Kylie ever made. The lipkit consists of 1 liquid lipstick and 1 lip liner. Both are matte and absolutely gorgeous!

The POSIE K Liquid Lipstick is mid-berry cool tone that dries to a matte finish. It actually reminds me of a strawberry shake color. It’s the perfect pink that is not too bright and not too dark too. It has that cool undertone that comes off nicely. 

The shade is vivid and highly pigmented. It is very creamy and quite velvety on the lips. It takes a couple of seconds for it to dry but remains moisturized without drying out your lips.

The wand is an angles doe foot applicator rhat swipes nicely on the lips and makes it easy to perfect the lining of the lips. The consistency is amazing. It has the perfect blend of not being too thick and not too fluid that it will streak. The color application is always even. Even if you reapply, it would blend in with the previous application. 

Next is the POSIE K Lip Liner. I have always loved and praised Kylie Cosmetics for their Lip Liners. They are by far the best lip liners I have ever used and have. 

This lip liner is the creamiest and most pigmented liners I have used. Cool mid-berry tone just like the liquid lipstick. I know how sometimes the lip liner does not match as well with the liquid lipstick, this one hit it just right. 

So here are the swatche for all three lippies:


I took them both with natural light and with flash. I apologize with the middle swatch which is the Posie K liquid lipstick, I took the photo while it was still drying. 😬

So with all that, I guess you’re wondering what look I was trying to do. Well, I figured I wanted to combine the two colors and see what it would result too. So here is the look:

I used the POSIE K first and then layered on top the LIKE gloss. The end result was this color. It’s a berry brown nude shade with the gloss finish. 

I love it actually! The shade was perfect for my makeup look. I went with gold and champagne glitter shadow with pink mauve base, full-on winged liner and lashes. Some highlight and light contour and that was it! The blush? No blush. Seriously that is just my face doing its own thing. Haha I always get flushed cheeks thats why. 

My lips actually looked bigger thanks to the gloss’ lip enhancers that made my lips plumpier than before. 

The lip color actually for me gets deeper in color depending on the light. 

Oh and of course, the one thing I love about all of Kylie Cosmetic lip products is that they all smell really good. They remind me of licorice and it’s like you want to bite into it but you just can’t. 

Another thing I loved was that it remained moisturizing the whole time I had it on. It did not feather after some hours. The color vibrancy was still intact and for me that is 10/10 in rating. 

So you want to see my whole look? Here you go then…

Love my flower headband! It did go well with my makeup look though. Haha. So there you guys have it! Another review for all my lovely followers! Please do check out my instagram account, follow, like, share, even my snapchat too. I am active on my Instagram and I post a lot of stuff there too. So go ahead click that link below to take you there. 



Til next time loves, ciao!


TEY ❤️


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