Lipsense: FLY GIRL Liquid Lip Colour


Hello there loves!! I’m back again to give you another amazing review with one of, if I may say a great find for all lippie-lovers out there. You guys ready? Here we go…

Let me start by giving you some background of how I came across this lippie.

This wonderful person, Chandra, hooked me up with a sample to try and see how I liked it.

So going back to that, the Lipsense lip color is under SENEGENCE COSMETICS that offers a wide range of skincare and beauty products that function through distributors. I was luck enough to try this out from Chandra, or also known as kissablecolorwithchandra on instagram and on facebook too. (You guys can click on her username to direct you to her profile)

I have heard about Lipsense but never thought of trying it out since I didn’t know anything about it. But Ms. Chandra was nice enough to let me test out a sample. And the thing to these ones are, it came with the moisturizing gloss and lip color remover too. So that got me curious even more. 

Let me introduce you to Lipsense: FLY GIRL.

As I mentioned earlier, it came with a moisturizing gloss and a lip color remover. So that got me thinking why would that be?

First you have the Lip Color, and then the Gloss and then the remover if you are to take it off already. 

The Lipsense is the top selling from the brand and is known as the original long-lasting lip color, that is waterproof, does not kiss-off, smear-off, rub-off or budge-off. And of course, I wanted to see first hand how and if it is real what they claim.

So let me start off with the lip color, FLY GIRL.


A hot red color that is a cross between a lip stain and a liquid lipstick. The consistency is very light, not creamy but more liquid-y in form. 

It comes with a doe tip wand that applies fairly on the lips. I found it a bit hard to swipe it on my lips since the consistency was of a lip stain, there was a proper way of putting the lip color on. And I’ll get to that in a bit.

Next is the Lipsense: Moisturizing Gloss. This gloss acts as the sealant for the color. The consistency is lighter than a typical gloss, which I prefer very much. It feels hydrating on the lips too, really. 

 This is the Oops Remover which works well in removing the lip color. Why the need? I will get to that as well. Patience. šŸ˜˜

So here’s how it goes, there’s a way of applying and using all three. Below are the instructions:

If you noticed. You apply 3 coats over your lips to completely cover and even the color, with 5 seconds drying time in between. And lastly to apply the gloss 30 second after. 

I bet you want to see how it looked on my lips… ready?

Lip color is great! Really. But let’s talk application. As I said before since there was a way to apply it, it was tad harder to follow the instructions and make sure my lip lines were perfect. When applied, the color actually builds up more layer after layer. I did feel a bit tingling on my lips at first then it faded. No harm or anything really! It was just unusual for me.

After applying my very last coat, I noticed that it was sticky, my lips were sticking together for a bit. And that’s what the gloss was for! Once you apply the gloss it eased the stickiness and felt smoother and glides better. 

You won’t need a lot of gloss application. And then I put it to the test.

“..the original long-lasting lip color, it is waterproof, does not kiss-off, smear-off, rub-off or budge-off!” 

Suffice to say, it stayed on! I drank, ate, rubbing my lips, biting them and it WOULD. NOT. BUDGE.

All those liquid lipsticks that claim to be transfer-proof and smudge-proof have met THE ONE. No matter how much rub or even oil I had on my lips, it wouldn’t come off. 

Then this is where the Oops! Remover comes in. You just need to rub that all over the lips and wipe it with a damp towel or papertowel and it comes off. 

I enjoyed this lippie actually. The first one that never kept me worried of ruining my lip color. 

So my verdict? Lippie-approved!

So there you guys have it! Another lippie review for you to all love. 

Check out Chandra’s info for any inquiries and if you would like to purchase your own Lipsense. They have a range of colors and finishes too.

Check on Chandra‘s facebook page below as you click on the link below. 

Kissable Color with Chandra

Hope you all enjoy this review! Check out my Instagram and snapchat to see the videos of me applying lipsense on.

Priteychic2 – šŸ“ø
Priteygirlrock – šŸ‘»
Til next time loves, ciao!


Tey šŸ’‹


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