Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte Liquid Lipstick: RUBY SLIPPER & Nyx Lip Liner: Cabaret

Welcome back, Dolls! I know you’ve been waiting awhile now for another lippie review, and now here it is! Let us get onto it, shall we?

It’s the Fall season, so all the maroons, deep reds, red oranges, mauves and dark purples are the “in” shades as of now. Plus Halloween is coming up really soon so what better way than to do a lippie review and a look that’ll combine the two. Awesome right? It’ll have a vampy vibe to the look which is totally perfect for the season.

Let me start this review with NYX Lip Liner: Cabaret

I love Nyx Cosmetics’ lip liners. They are very inexpensive yet are one of the best lip liners I have ever used. They have over 50 shades to choose from. From nudes to brights, you definitely will be able to find one for your lip color. 

I chose Cabaret for my lip liner since it is this gorgeous deep plum red color that goes well with my lip color. The lip liner’s consistency is near creamy but still is still appears more solid so that it wouldn’t smudge too much. Offers easy application and remain highly pigmented. The color is amazing and vivid. It is also very light on the lips when applied. One stroke and it lines the lips nicely. It does remain intact when you apply the lip color over it which for me is a must. I have tried a bunch and Nyx’ lip liners are a majority of my stash because of the quality in addition with its price.

Next on this review is Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte Liquid Lipstick: Ruby Slipper.

Gerard Cosmetics offers a range of make up products from make up setting sprays to lip glosses. One of their staple products are their Hydra Matte Liquid Lipsticks with an array of colors to choose from. They boast vivid color options perfect for each and everyone’s skin tone. 

Ruby Slipper is this deep, dark, red shade infused with sparkling glitter that dries liquid to matte finish. Derived from Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers, they are a much deeper color than a normal bright red but gived this gorgeous sultry shade just like a ruby stone does. 

Here are the swatches for the two:

Can you say “bleed baby, bleed?”

Such deep and amazing colors really. So you ready to see the look I made with them? Here you go.

Definitely VAMPY! The color is sumptuous. That deep blood red screams “halloween” and “fall”. I did pair it with reddish copper eyeshadows too to make the whole look cohesive.

The Ruby Slipper liquid lipstick consistency was a tad clumpy when I used it. I wasn’t sure if thats how it is really but it was no much of liquid in consistency. And when applied, it covered the lips though nicely. And the more you add layers the deeper the color you get. It is very vibrant and pigmented which I love. With the infused glitter, I did not whatsoever see or experience it though, maybe because it became matte, it was hard to actually see them on the lips. But other than that I love the color. 

The lip liner blended very well with the lip color. It was like it actually melded with the liquid lipstick and came out even better. 

The lip color stayed on quite awhile. But once it hit water or oil, it started to become flaky. Maybe just a little more tweak to their formula might help too. My plus side to this would be the gorgeous pigment it has. Not 100% transfer-proof nor is it smudge-proof. It doesn’t feather though, other than flaking if it gets moistened. So if I were to rate it? 6/10. Not bad, and not that superb either. For the price, with their sale bundles going on, it’s actually a good buy. You just probably might need to reapply a couple of times throughout the day if you moistened it. 

And there you go! Another review for my lovely dolls out there. I hope you guys enjoyed this one, as I did. I would love for you guys to check on my instagram and snapchat profiles and follow if you must. I post a lot over those social media accounts and would love some of your feedbacks as well too. Check out the links below:

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Til next time loves! Ciao!


Tey πŸ’‹πŸŽƒ


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