Mirina Collections: Vivian w/ Black Stones Famous Necklace

Hi Dolls, Welcome back to my blog site. Today it’ll be different. I finally got my Mirina Collection Necklace! Yey! So I’ll be blogging on this gorgeous item. I know, I know, from lippies to necklaces? Uh-huh. That’s right. I felt the need to blog on this nice piece! 

So to start, as some of you may know, to those that follow my Instagram, I am a Mirina Girl Ambassador. And I am so thankful for Mirina Collections for seeing potential in me. Their products are gorgeous and are well made. 

This was my first order from them. And suffice to say, the shipping took a long long time actually. You do have an option to get it faster but you pay more. If you’re not fussy with waiting awhile with your orders, then free shipping is okay. If not you can pay for the faster shipping method. So going back, it took awhile but when I got it I was surprised. Dang! This necklace was no flimsy accessory, it had weight to it. It actually was made very well, as I mentioned.

This is one of their Famous Necklaces named VIVIAN. Its made of copper with gun metal plating with gorgeous black stones that accentuate the whole piece.

It did not feel heavy on my neck though. I’ve had necklaces where they were oh so gorgeous and intricate pieces but on my neck would weigh it down too much and then my neck would hurt. This one didn’t. It actually felt nice on my neck.

I do have sensitive skin and some necklaces would irritate or tarnish my skin. With this, I did not have any type of problem. 

I layered it over my white shirt with the blood red moon on it which actually looked pretty good. 

I’m liking Mirina Collections pieces, I have the urge to get them all. Lol. The shipping method may be bothersome but I’m the type that I can wait awhile on things. So if you are one like that, Mirina Collections is best for you. 

You all know I can’t NOT take a photo with my lippie on right? Lol. This piece just drew attention to my neck area a lot. It is such an exquisite piece and it is very durable. It doesn’t feel like it’s easy to break. 

And you can make use of it any way you want! Pair it on a deep V- neck top or a dress or whatever floats your fashion sense. But this one, is a major keeper. For sure. 😉

There you have it loves, a mini review on my Vivian Famous Necklace from Mirina Collections

Click HERE to take you on to their site. But wait…

Don’t forget to use my code “mirinagirls” to get a 20% off of your purchase. Yes 20% off. 

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Hope you Dolls enjoyed this, til next time, ciao!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Tey 💋


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