Lipsense: She La La Liquid Lip Colour

Hey there loves! Welcome back to my blog. Yes, it is time to do another lippie review. This will be just a short and sweet one but still going to be amazing! Let’s get to it!

Today’s lippie choice is from SENEGENCE’s Lipsense Lip Colour: SHE LA LA

Some of you who are familiar of Lipsense maybe thinking, “what in the world are those small tubes?” Or “those are not any Lipsense I’ve ever seen”. Well, I am fortunate to say they are. I have had these for awhile already. And have been looking for the right time to use them. I got them from @lipsensations on instagram who was so kind enough to let me purchase and try what they call LIPSENSE MINIS. I find them cute actually. Since I wanted to try more colors but wasn’t ready to buy a bunch of them in full price, this was the perfect option. 

The lipcolor I chose to use is called “She La La“. 

Sassy name ain’t it? Loving it actually. Above is the shade of the lipcolor. I didn’t want to use up all my mini lipsense, so no swatches I’m afraid. ✌🏻️

I did a review before on another lipsense product and with trying them out, I actually loved the product. Same as this one too. 

The shade is this Deep Red with A coral touch to it. 

So with Lipsense you have to follow instructions on applying them.

First, make sure you shake it up and down before you use it and make sure your lips are clean and free of chapstick or anything. The formula will help take off any wax or stuff thats on your lips too. 

Next, you need to layer each with atleast 5 Seconds wait time to let it dry and develop color. It may look streaky and light at first but when you layer even more, the color becomes richer. 

And with the last layer, wait 30 seconds and then apply the gloss on top. The gloss keeps it from becoming tacky or fading. 

Want to see the final look? Here you go..

The color is a gorgeous red when on the lips. The gloss amplifies the color even more.

This is THE Transfer-proof and Smudge-proof lip color I have ever tried on. I ate, drank, wiped my lips and still it did not budge.

It is hard though trying to line perfectly the lips while layering one by one. They do have lip liners as well but I have never tried them on. Maybe next time? 😉

But this was a great shade and I love the size of the minis. I am able to test or try them out just for you guys. ❤️

So there you have it Dolls, check out my instagram, snapchat and twitter for other amazing photos and videos. 

Til next time loves, Ciao!

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Tey 💋


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