DN Cosmetiques Liquid Lipstick: LL7 + MAC Lip Pencil: Magenta 

Hey there Dolls! Welcome back to my site. Hope everyone is having a great week. Have I got new lippie reviews for you all! Excited? Then let me get to it then…

Today’s lucky lippies are from MAC Cosmetics and DN Cosmetiques.

Let me start first with one of my favorite Lip pencils from MAC: Magenta Lip Pencil

MAC Cosmetics has always been a great make up brand and their lip pencils are really good. Very pigmented and vibrant. One of them is the MAGENTA shade which speaks for itself. A gorgeous magenta shade and is in matte finish. It is creamy on application and glides well on the lips. I always love the lip colors of MAC. They were the staples of the bright and loud lip colors before all the other brands came out. I’ve had this for awhile and I know it is a shade darker than the lip color if you’ve noticed in the pictures, but I tell you, it worked so well with it. 

Next is my lip color choice, DNCosmetiques Liquid Lipstick: LL7.

DN Cosmetiques is a farely new lipstick brand and they make good liquid lipsticks. I am an avid fan actually. I was given a chance to try out their line, if you were able to see my first review on their liquid lipsticks, they are Lippie-approved by me. 

The lip color I’ll be reviewing now is named LL7. It is a bright pink shade that dries to matte. It is very vibrant which I love, and so pigmented. Here’s a swatch of both…

Both colors are so vibrant, but the lip pencil is in a much darker shade so that it emphasizes the lip color plus it’ll make this ombré lip color too. Sweet! 

Ready for the look? 

Using a darker color to line my lips puts more emphasis to my lips and  also of course the vividness of the pink. It is such a “Barbie” shade.

The lip color is just so pretty!!! The formula on this liquid lipstick is better than the metallic one I used before. (You can check that out in my previous blogs)

It was a lot more creamier to put this on and it was not flaking nor feathering on the lips. It dried to matte but it maintained that moisture underneath on my lips.

Since the lip color was so vibrant. i went easy on my eyeshadow. Just a tad smokey on the sides but more on the mascara, liner and of course lashes. It kind of reminds me of 50’s make up with a modernized twist.

The lip color lasted long actually. It was transfer proof but when oil came in contact, it started feathering and coming off. But with water and eating non-oily food, it stayed put. 

I am so loving this color! Seriously! I usually go for nudes and deep reds, but this is an exquisite shade. Plus it doesn’t feel tacky on the lips too. 

Perfect for a day or even a night out lippie. Plus the magenta lip pencil made this subtle ombre color I can’t get enough of!

So verdict? For the second time, Lippie-Approved for me! 

So there you have it, Dolls. I do hope you enjoyed this review. Check out DN Cosmetiques site HERE and order your very own. They have a bunch of shades to choose from and they do international shipping too! Awesome-sauce! 

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Til next time loves, ciao!


Tey 💞💞💞


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