Kylie Cosmetics: MARY JO K Liner + NAUGHTY Holiday Gloss

Well, Hello there Dolls! It is me again. Your favorite (I hope so?) beauty blogger here to impart yet another make up review for you all. I am quite excited, actually. 😁 

This week’s Lucky Lippie is from KYLIE COSMETICS. I’ll be using a staple Lip liner of hers and a gloss from her Limited Edition Holiday Collection. Let me get right to it…

So, As I have always said in my reviews and for those that follow my social media accounts, I absolutely adore KYLIE COSMETICS. Not just because of the Name and the celebrity status it carries, but because quality wise? They are really great! No BS. Every make up brand has their own formulas and their pros and cons, and as a blogger and makeup fanatic, I have this bar of what is yay from nay. And Kylie Cosmetics has been in the Yay category for its formula, packaging and customer service. For me. This is just my opinion based on my experience. Each one differs but Suffice to say, I love her products. So I figured to use them in my look for the week. 

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This lip liner is the matching liner for the Mary Jo K Lipkit. Since now that KYLIE COSMETICS does sell singles, you can now purchase just the lip liner itself if need be. 

This liner as well as the other lip liners from the brand are creamy and light weight. They apply really well and has that matte finish to it. 

The shade is a true blue red tone that reminds me of the 50’s pin up ladies lips. It is a pencil and can be sharpened. It is such a gorgeous red color that can go well with any skin color as well.

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Next is from the Limited Edition Holiday Collection from KYLIE COSMETICS as well. Its NAUGHTY LIP GLOSS.

This lip gloss is unlike the other lip glosses in her collection. The ones that come from the Holiday Collection have Diamond powder infused in it, giving it a somewhat higher shine than the rest. 

It is ultra-pigmented and contains emollients and vitamin E that keeps the lips hydrated and never lets it dry down. The gloss glides on smoothly with a small brush, and evens out and creates this luminous effect. 

The Gloss also has natural enhancers that help in adding volume to your lips. And girl, I am up for that! Since I do have small lips. And you be the judge on how it looks on me. How it actually made my lips slightly plumper than usual. 

The shade for the gloss is a really vibrant red. And since it is a gloss, the brighter it actually becomes when applied.

So here’s the swatches first…

The colors worked really well together since they are still both shades of red. But having the lip liner underneath the gloss made the lips much fuller. Plus, people with small lips badly need lip liners although I do not over line my lips. I just can’t stand it if I try to do it, To each their own really. 😘

First, I applied the MARY JO K lip liner. I smudged it onto the center areas of my lips which acted like lipstick itself. Oh, and that was one thing I have mentioned time and time again, is that Kylie Lip Liners can also be used alone like lipstick since it has that creamy texture and inspite the creaminess, it is matte finish too. After, I applied the NAUGHTY Lip Gloss over it. Here’s the finished look…

The gloss made this wet lip look effect and I am soooo loving it!! Can you see how much it made my lips look fuller?! I am astounded. ❤️

With applying the lip liner underneath it did give more dimension to the lip color. Like parts become deeper color and lightens when it hits the light. 

Of course, since it doesn’t dry down, the gloss will never be smudge-proof. It did get a tad messy applying the gloss since it has a slightly sticky consistency. But of course, nothing a dab of concealer can’t fix. 

I had it on for awhile and when I had some to drink and eat, the gloss did come off… but the lip liner underneath stayed put surprisingly.

I love how this lip combination came about. I partnered it with a bronze eyeliner and loaded on some mascara. I wanted the lips to be the focal point of the look. 

Verdict? Lippie approved!! Love this duo! And can be easily done too! 

There you have it loves! Another review. Follow me on Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter for other photos and reviews. 

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Til next time! Ciao! 😘




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