Happy 2017 Nude Lip Look feat. Marc Jacobs Beauty Le Marc Liquid Lip Crème: Yours to Try & MAC Naked Liner Lip Pencil

Welcome back, Dolls! Happy New Year! It’s 2017, New year means new lippies! Yey! And yes I have new lippies for you loves! Although I took these before the new year, this will be my Post-Holiday New Year Look as well. Yay!! ☺ 

I do hope everyone enjoyed their holidays. And with that, I wanted a look that would stray away from the traditional holiday colors. I wanted a look that would be appropriate for any Holiday, New Year’s Eve Party or whatsoever or even just a simple night out look. So what better than, a completely matte nude lip to partner with some bronze-y eyeshadow right? Yes! But before we get to that look, I’ll introduce my 2 lucky lippies for my nude lip experience and delve into the review on these two products for you Dolls out there. 

First let me start with my go to “Nude” liner ever, MAC Naked Liner Lip Pencil.

MAC Cosmetics has always paved their way in being one of the Top Makeup Brands not just in the US but around the world. So with saying that, I have always trusted MAC with delivering if not great, but quality products. And one of them are their lip pencils/lip liners. 

This lip pencil is called Naked Liner which first of all, I believe is so fitting with the shade. It is a very pale nude color perfect that erases your lip color for a perfect pale nude base. 

The lip pencil is very creamy and pigmented so one swipe actually gives great color coverage. And one thing I like about it is that you have a lot of product that lasts a long while. And it does come out matte, so if you are to use it with matte lipsticks or demi mattes it works really well.

Next on the list is Marc Jacobs Le Marc Lip Crème: Yours to Try 450.

It is from the new line of nudes from Marc Jacobs Beauty’s Le Marc Liquid Lip Crèmes. I was able to purchase mine from Sephora.com, it’s not even available in-stores yet but I just had to get my hands on them really.

It is a buff nude shade with a peachy undertone to it. I would say it is more of a satin finish though. There was a noticeable sheen, but it wore down to more of a true satin finish after a couple hours of wearing it.

The formula is hydrating, long-wearing, and have full coverage.  It isn’t transfer proof nor smudge-proof but since it is full coverage, even if it transfers, there is so much pigment on the lips still without staining or feeling too heavy on the lips.

So I used the lip pencil first to line my lips and then layered over the lip creme. 

Ready for the look then?

The consistency of the lip crème was smooth, easy to spread across the lips, and covered evenly and didn’t sink into lip lines initially. It was very pigmented and comfortable to wear. 

The lip pencil worked really well erasing my lip color to create that base for the nude lip. It did not become patchy nor flake since one was more of matte and the other had a satin finish to it. What I loved about the combination is that, since the lip crème had the peachy undetone to it, the lip pencil kind of cancelled out some of the peachiness to get that perfect nude color.

I am soooo loving this look! I went with some subtle smokey bronze eyeshadow look that I thought would balance enough with the lips. I didn’t want it to look too bare as well.

I wanted something out of the ordinary yet still chic and can be a very versatile look for all. I also had to make sure my contour and highlight was on point. Lol. Or it would have turned into a zombie look. That maybe the only tricky thing with doing a nude lip.

But still it came out stunning! It is a perfectly simple yet classy go-to look for any occasion. And I do hope you guys enjoyed both the reviews and the look I provided. 

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Til next time loves! Ciao!




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