Colourpop x Kathleen Lights Ultra Satin Lip: NOVEMBER

Hello there loves! Welcome back to my blog! It’s time for another amazing lippie review for you all to enjoy this weekend. Yay! I’m gonna go back to one of my first ever loved brands since I started my love for makeup and blogging. Most of you know the brand already and for the price and range of colors? You just can’t beat them. Yes, it is Colourpop Cosmetics loves! And I’ll be reviewing on one of their collab liquid lipsticks with MUA and beauty vlogger KATHLEEN LIGHTS. All set? Let’s do this!

This liquid lipstick is one from the Ultra Satin Lip line called NOVEMBER. It’s a warm peachy pink shade that claims to dry to a satin finish. In my experience, it looks more demi-matte than satin in finish when on the lips. But the color is still very gorgeous. 

It is completely long wearing but is not as transfer proof or completely kiss proof like the other Ultra Matte Lip line of lipsticks. But the color does last long and is full coverage on application. 

Okay, so I know there are a lot of disagreements on Colourpop Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick Standards, and yes I have tried almost all of the other brands too and yes, compared to some and most, quality isn’t at par to the rest but you do always have to think of the price point as well. This retails for $6.00 and in my books, you can’t get any cheaper than that without risking the utmost quality. For that price you get the amazing color and coverage, plus cute packaging too! And their CS is one of the best. So I still do go back to them since I still can’t let go of my numerous lippies I got from them LOL. They were the ones that got me hooked on this Lippie Blogging in the first place! Haha.

Here’s the swatch.

You ready to see the look??

It is such a delicate and pretty shade isn’t it?  

It stayed on for a long while too. The shade is perfect for all skin tones I believe, its just the perfect warmth for even the coolest of skin color and can you imagine this color on darker skin tone? Fan-tab-ulous!! It actually made my lips look more fuller too.

I matched it with blue and copper eyeshadow which I used from the Laura Mercier Editorial Eye Palette. Which is by the way one of the best palettes I have tried. 

Back to the lippie, the application was creamy and did not goop nor dry. Probably because it’s satin finish. It has the doe foot wand that makes it easy to apply and shape the lips as well.

It’s a perfect shade for an everyday look.  A perfect go-to number from a morning to evening look. 

Chic and inexpensive, what more can you ask for? This is actually quite a deal for everyone and I am glad I’m able to share it with you, dolls.

So there you have it loves! Another  review for you guys to enjoy! Don’t forget to check out and follow my Social Media Accounts below:

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Til next time, Dolls! Ciao! 😘


Tey 💋


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