Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick: ANDROGYNY (feat. Nyx Lip Pencil CABARET)

Welcome back! My lovely and beautiful Dolls! It’s been a long while but it is time for another amazing lippie review. Yay! Hope you all are ready for such a pretty lippie that would look so amazing on everyone. 

Let me shed some light first on the Lip pencil I used with this look from Nyx Cosmetics’ Slim Lip Pencils, CABARET. I’ve used this lip pencil with my other looks and have reviewed it as well, so I’ll keep it short and sweet. 

It’s a burgundy color lip pencil that applies so creamy and delicate on the lips. It is so perfect for all lipsticks and even looks good with just a lip gloss over it. Definitely a must-have, plus for the price? You can’t really beat it.


And for our main attraction, another stunning color from Jeffree Star Cosmetics, ANDROGYNY Velour Liquid Lipstick.

It is one of the utmost favorites fans of JFC. Sometimes it even gets out of stock because of how gorgeous the color is. It’s a plum mauve color liquid lipstick that dries down to a matte finish. It is completely vegan and cruelty free.

Below is the swatch for both..

I used the lip pencil with the lipstick to make the color come out even more. And it did help make my lips look fuller too. Androgyny is a very beautiful shade if I may say. A rosy plum mauve color that definitely would look good on any skin tone.
So now for the look..

Wahh! I am inlove with this lippie! It was very creamy and easy to apply. It didn’t dry out to the point that it flakes or dry your lips, it remained very moisturizing really.

The color deepened even more when applied on the lips. It is very pigmented, so one swipe covers your lips entirely. 

Since I used a darker lip pencil, it kind of gave my lips an even fuller look. It also kept the liquid lipstick in place. Androgyny did not budge on my lips until I had to eat oily food. Like all matte liquid lipsticks do, it comes off with any contact with oily substances. 

And also a quick tip and trick, for all those struggling with small lips like me, to make your lips appear more full, dab some highlight or a lighter lipstick to the center of your bottom lip, it gives the illusion of having plumpier and fuller kissable lips!

Also, with Androgyny, I noticed how it lessened the lines on my lips. I’ve always had those and when you put on Lippies for a living, moisturizing and hydrating your lips is a must, and sadly I’m guilty of forgetting to do it as much as I supposedly need to. 

But nevertheless, when I do remember, I moisturize the hell out of them. So to all my dolls who love lippies like I do, dont forget to give lots of TLC to those lips before and after applying any lipstick on.

So for my eyes, I used Kylie Cosmetics’ Burgundy Kypalette to bring this look altogether. I wanted like a rosy burgundy number to my eyes to match the lips. Plus dramatic falsies make it all so sultry too.

It feels very delicate and can be recreated anytime of the year really. A subtle highlight and it’s all set! 

This lippie, is approved 💯 %! Its very lightweight on the lips and kept my lips moisturized so well. And that is completely a thumbs up for me.

So that’s it for my lippie review loves! Make sure to follow, like and subscribe to my site and to my social media accounts that I havw down below. 👇🏻

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Til next time, Dolls! See ya!


Tey 💋


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