MAC Lightly Charred Lipstick and Chestnut Lip Liner

Hello Everyone! Welcome back! It’s time for another exciting Lippie Review from your favorite Beauty Blogger for this week. 😘 I’ve been MIA for awhile, but I do have new lippies and a new make up look all set and ready just for you dolls. So let’s get started!

Lucky Lippies for my review are from MAC Cosmetics. I have been very vocal of how I am a fan of MAC, and I mean who isn’t? They have an array of colors and finishes in lipsticks and lip liners and you can always mix and match them. Like what I did with this look. 😁

Let me start with MAC Chestnut Lip Liner.

Image from

This lip liner is an intense creamy brown shade. Similar to the color of coffee beans, this is perfect for almost a number of combination of lipstick colors. Very pigmented and as I can attest to, lasts the longest of all the lip liners I have used. You definitely can’t go wrong with MAC Cosmetics lip liners. 

The next lippie is the MAC Lightly Charred Lipstick

Image from

This lipstick is a cool tonal gray color in a matte finish. It does have a slight mauve-ish aspect to it but it is very very light. The finish is matte and the lipstick is in the classic black MAC tube lipstick style. The lip color is immensely light but very vivid in shade. When applied it is really pigmented that it covers the lips evenly.  I love the shade too. Very bold and unique, not one most would use, but if you do, it is very eye catching. And pretty stylish as well too. Although quite tricky with trying not to make you look ghoulish, that is why I thought of pairing it up with the lip liner for this look. 

Here is the swatch for both..

I know, totally contradicting colors. One is such an earthy color while the other is very cool and bold. But but but, just wait and see..

I lined my lips with Chestnut Lip Liner first, then used a lip brush to apply Lightly Charred Lipstick on top of it. I blended the edges where the two colors meet to make an ombre effect for the lips. You guys ready for the look? 

Ta daaaah!…

Truth be told, I just experimented with these two and quite liked the combination. A perfect cool gray ombre lip. The Chestnut Lip Liner gave the lipstick the extra umph it needed. And it stopped it from becoming more of a halloween look to be honest. Lol!

The lipstick of course is not transfer proof nor is it smudge proof, just like a regular lipstick it does come off. But my ombre lip did last a good couple of hours with me drinking and having a few bites. You could always reapply it as well.

Since it is a bold kind of lip color, plus I didn’t really have any plans of going anywhere special, I toned down a bit on the other aspects of my make up. I still had to have my winged liner (of course!), mascara, brows and just a fluff of blush to add some color to my cheeks and I was good to go. 

Just enough make up to complete the look but not too much for a day time look as well. You can also amp it up if you want, but I preferred to just keep my look simple with this review and let the lips do their thing. πŸ˜‰

And there you have it! Another lippie make up look for you wonderful, Dolls. πŸ’• I hope I’ve inspired you guys to try this one out as well. You can check out my social media as well, like, follow, comment, show me some love, if you want. Links below!

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Til next time loves!! Ciao!


Tey πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•


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