Kylie Lipkit: Exposed

 Hey there everyone! I hope everybody’s having a really good time today. Just to make it a tad better, I’ll be reviewing on another lippie I am so sure you guys will love! So here we go then..

 So the lucky lippie featured today is KYLIE LIPKIT: Exposed. The ever so famous lipkit from Kylie Jenner.  Don’t you just love it? I really admire the effort to design the box, container and pencil. Very chic and classy still. 

Let me start with the lipliner…

 The shade Exposed is a cool nude beige color that is just enough to make the lips appear nude without making the face look pale. The liner is very very creamy and easy to apply. By far the creamiest and softest lipliner I have ever used. Kudos Kylie! Perfectly lines my lips with just one glide. Well-Pigmented for a nude shade. 

 Next will be the lip color…

 Creamy, velvety, cool nude beige color that is quite fragrant. Like a blend of caramel and touch of floral scent. Matte finish of course. Very pigmented, and light. One glide and it covers the lip well. Take note to make sure your lips are dry before applying. Here’s a swatch for both…

  The drying time took around a minute. So I advice not to smack your lips during the wait so that it doesn’t lose its matte effect and doesn’t become sticky. Here’s how it looked on my lips…

 Perfect matte finish isn’t it? I am so loving this shade! No wonder it’s also Kylie’s all time fave. It’s perfect for an everyday lip color. 

 I just used some contour and bronzer to bring it all together. I will say this, but Kylie Lipkits are true to their value. It comes with the name that’s why it is slightly expensive but the formula was really thought through. 

 I can’t say anything other than this lipkit is the real deal. Color-wise 10/10, consistency 9/10, staying power 8/10, matte 10/10. 

 Of course it will come off if you eat oily food or apply anything oily. But if you refrain from it though all will be good. It will last until you want to take it off. 

 So there you have it! Order yours soon! Til next time loves! Ciao! 


Tey ❤️ 


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